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FREE Night Sky Explorer's Tool Set with this telescope (normally Ģ30.96)
This great 4 piece tool kit includes three astronomy guide-books and a magnetic field compass worth Ģ30.96 and is yours FREE when you buy this telescope. Page after page of helpful guidance on astronomy with a telescope with maps and finder charts! (more info)

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Bresser Messier R127L advanced 127mm refractor starter kit

Bresser Messier R127L advanced 127mm refractor starter kit
Bresser Messier R127L advanced 127mm refractor starter kit


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A Sky at Night award winning telescope - the Bresser Messier 127L is a great telescope for the more ambitious and demanding user. This substantial telescope offers much more than a basic introduction to telescopic astronomy. The heavy duty Mon-2 equatorial mount can be upgraded with a sophisticated dual (RA & DEC) motor drive system that constantly counteracts the rotation of the Earth and allows targets to be examined in extended detail and also allows the most advanced photographic projects to be attempted with this telescope.

We recommend the Messier 127 for anyone committed to exploring astronomy with the aid of a serious instrument - it is especially suited for projects, like astrophotography, double-star observing and the observation of planets.

Anyone who has enjoyed the books by Sir Patrick Moore (as we have!) will know that he recommends a 3" (76mm) refractor as a minimum for serious observations. Well the Messier 127 is a full two inchs (51mm) bigger than this requirement and is an ideal instrument serious observing.

This classic refractor telescope comes with a kit of accessories with everything you need to get started for just £536.49 inc UK p&p

The Messier R127 is a well constructed classic 127mm achromatic refractor with top quality two element(crown and flint glass) optics. The optics are fully anti-reflection coated.

Mon2 Equatorial mount on steel field tripod (that can be dual motorised - see recommended accessories):

The Messier R127 is ideal 'step-up' for anyone who has already done some astronomy with a small basic telescope or binoculars. It's an ideal gift for the adult that has a serious interest in astronomy. We suggest that this larger telescope is a little too advanced for children under the age of 12 years.

The complete package is handsomely boxed with full assembly instructions.

(see additional special FREE offer at top of page).

Additional features:

The Messier (named after the famous 18th century French comet hunter) shows its long Bresser pedigree in one or two of the extra little features that display the experience and thought that is the mark of the Bresser brand. The eyepiece fitting is the full 1.25" size allowing the widest range of additional accessories. The included Barlow lens has a quality all metal construction and excellent two element optical design. A modern software program on CDROM is included to aid exploration.

Ideal for serious explorers the Messier R127 is the perfect instrument to discover the wonders of the remote wilderness of the night sky from your own back-garden. One of the great features of the Messier is heavy duty sophisticated equatorial mounting that is equipped with slow-motion extension handles as well as a 50mm fully illuminated finder scope and high quality engraved setting-circles to aid navigating through the night sky.

The Messier R127 Mon2 mount is equipped with a directional compass and bubble-level to aid speedy set-up - just a few basic steps and you're ready to explore!

Features and content of the kit:

127mm two-element air-spaced achromatic primary lens astronomy telescope

3 eyepieces: 10mm,12.5mm and 25mm (high to low power 120x,96x,and 48x)

1 2x Barlow lens (increases the magnification of all eyepieces by a factor of 2x ie used with the 10mm at 120x plus Barlow = 240x)

90 degree diagonal star-mirror for convenient viewing without neck-strain.

Easy set-up heavy-duty equatorial mount with full height field tripod.

Full 8x50mm illuminated optical finder for daytime or night-time use

Sky Charts CD-ROM astronomy software that can display the night sky on your home PC and print charts to find interesting objects.

Supplied with easy to understand illustrated instruction manual.

So whatīs so great about the Bresser Messier 127?

If you are looking for a serious telescope to explore the night sky and observe first-hand the amazing range of astronomical targets that are displayed above your back-garden - this has to be one of the best 'classic' refractor scopes available in the UK.

The Bresser Messier 127 comes complete with a 4-piece optics set including 3 eyepieces that deliver 48x, to 240x magnification. Also supplied is a high quality 2x Barlow lens - this useful accessory increases by a factor of two the magnification of any eyepiece used with it. Thus any of six magnifications between 48x and 240x can be selected simply by using a particular eyepiece or eyepiece+Barlow combination.

Complimenting the eyepiece set, a precise all metal rack and pinion focusing system (the standard on good astronomy telescopes for decades!)snaps the image into pinpoint focus accurately and quickly.

What can you expect to see in your back-garden sky?

This telescope will show you some of the most amazing sights in the solar system right from your back garden! If you havenīt seen the surface of the Moon in a quality telescope then get ready for some incredible views. The Moon is an awesome spectacle any month of the year - its desolate and ancient surface showing thousands of impact craters and some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the solar system! The phases of the inner planets Mercury and Venus, going rapidly from almost a full disc to a thin crescent can easily be seen and tracked over the weeks of their seasonal apparitions.

Under favorable conditions the planet Mars will show a wealth of surface detail and at the right time of year the white frost of its polar cap. The giant planet Jupiter, just a bright star to the unaided eye, will, at anything over 60x magnification, show the observer a larger image of Jupiterīs globe in the eyepiece than the full Moon appears to the unaided eye! Jupiter's four major moons can be tracked through the evening and can be seen transiting the disk or being eclipsed.

The famous rings that encompass the giant planet Saturn can be seen (and are truly unforgettable) as can Saturnīs largest enigmatic attendant moon, Titan. The brighter nebulae and galaxies millions of light-years distant can be seen with the Messier 127 with beautiful asterisms (groups of stars) like the Pleiades and globular clusters (swarms of stars in a clump) like the famous M13 can be easily viewed on any dark night when these targets are above the horizon.

An advanced 5" refractor scope for the serious observer!

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