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FREE Guide book and Planisphere set when you buy this telescope!
Normally £10.49 this great two piece set is yours FREE and gives you the information you need to explore the night sky with a telescope. The set includes the classic Philip's Planisphere so you can find your way around the night sky with ease. (more info)

...or this:

FREE this super bubble level and compass eyepiece alignment aid
The Meade ETX telescopes are super-easy to align - but this brilliant gadget makes it even easier! Makes aligning the ETX-60 or ETX-80 a doddle and it's yours FREE when you buy this telescope. (more info)

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ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit

ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit
ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit
ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit


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Exclusive to Scopes'n'Skies and now with a chioce of FREE star atlas and Philip's Planishere or special alignment compass and leveling eyepiece!

This Meade ETX60 AT Observatory 60mm refractor kit normally sells for £297.96 but we have this super Special Edition version for just £183.49 inc UK p&p!

Fabulous complete astronomy starter kit featuring the amazing fully computerised Meade ETX60 high-technology 60mm robotic refractor including the special edition accessory pack worth £77 completely FREE!.

Complete Observatory kit! This amazing instrument comes with everything you need to discover the fascinating hobbies of astronomy and nature watching!

Included in the special edition kit:

60mm ETX robotic telescope

3 high performance eyepieces (25mm, 12mm and 4mm)

Built in 3x Barlow (just turn a knob to switch it in or out)

Autostar computer handset

Full-height tripod with bubble level and eyepiece storage racks

Full rucksack storage and carry-case

45 degree Amici Erecting Prism for perfect terrestrial observations - just like a spotting-scope!

Screw-on dew/sun shield

Illustrated instructions

Click the link below to see our informative video presentation of this power-packed computerised telescope

Video demo of the Meade ETX 60 computerised astronomy telescope

This stunning telescope package will give you amazing views of the Moon, planets, stars and nebulae, and what´s more - it´ll show you nearly 1471 such objects from your own back-garden at the merest touch of a button! And if that's not enough - it'll show you perfect, fully corrected, close-up views of birds in your garden just 5m away or ships on the horizon 10 miles away!

Finds objects in the night sky automatically!

The Meade ETX60 Observatory Special Edition has a fully computer controlled mounting with two ultra high-precision motors (like the ones used in the most sophisticated colour ink-jet printers, only more powerful) that work in synchronization with the Autostar electronic brain and steer the telescope to any object in the sky that you select from the illuminated handset. It automatically compensates for the constant rotation of the Earth so that the object (planet, galaxy etc) appears stationary in the eyepiece and allows you to study it in detail.

We know this might sound too good to be true, but it really is like having the brain and knowledge of Patrick Moore or Carl Sagan built in to the telescope, ready to dispense tireless expertise every time you want it! And if you think it sounds almost too simple and will take away the fun of finding out and learning about the universe for yourself: think again. The best way to learn about almost anything is with the aid of an expert and patient teacher. The Meade ETX60 is just that, a PhD-caliber teacher that will let you and your family learn at your leisure and have great fun doing it.

If you´ve always wanted a top quality telescope for terrestrial and astronomy observation but were worried about the challenge of finding the things you want to see in the night sky, then the ultra portable fully robotic Meade ETX60 AT with it's advanced computer brain is the ideal scope.

With its pre-assembled, full height adjustable tripod the ETX60 Special Edition can be up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. Best of all, unlike other telescopes, for ultra quick setup it can be used on a patio table or window sill as it does not require the tripod to be used.

The unique Autostar alignment technology makes aligning and setting up a breeze.

A wonderful first-time astronomical scope, the Meade ETX60 Special Edition can also be used as a great, land-based spotting telescope with the included 45 degree Amici prism erect-image diagonal.

Meade ETX60 AT SE features

Autostar Handset Reliable patented Autostar computer-control technology is the brains of the scope and knows the location of 1471 of the sky's best targets - and after easy aligning the scope (takes just a minute!) the ETX60 AT will show you the best of them any minute of any hour of the night! The handset has state-of-the-art flash upgradeable firmware that can be updated via the Internet.

Tripod Sturdy full height aluminium tripod and accessory rack included. Fully adjustable for the best terrestrial and celestial observing.

Also included with our unique "Observatory" ETX70 kit

Three super eyepieces: 4mm and 12mm (high power), and 25mm (medium power).

Special 3x Barlow lens built-in. Just turn a knob to increase the magnification of any of the three eyepieces to get three times the usual magnification. It's like having six eyepieces instead of three with a fantastic range of magnifications from 14x all the way up to 260x.

The ETX60 has a built-in top quality 90 degree mirror star diagonal to allow convenient viewing with no neck strain -the telescope can be switched to straight through viewing for photography at the turn of a knob.

CD-ROM star alas helps you explore the night-sky and plan observing sessions.

Support pack The instruction manual (in well-written English!) is fully illustrated with clear diagrams. But it is also supplied with an instructional video on DVD. All you need to supply is a set of batteries (8xAA) a little curiosity - and a clear night!

This outfit is one of our best-ever 60mm GOTO telescope astronomy starter kits.

One year manufacturers warranty





MOUNT: Dual Motorized Alt-azimuth

TWO EYEPICES (25mm,12mm,4mm)

EYEPIECE 1: 25mm

MAGNIFICATION 1 14x - with Barlow 42x

EYEPIECE 2: 12mm

MAGNIFICATION 3 30x - with Barlow 90x

EYEPICE 3: 4mm

MAGNIFICATION 4 90x - with Barlow 270x

TRIPOD: Full height, aluminium with bubble level and storage racks.



COMPUTER HAND CONTROL Fully Computerized / Flash Upgradeable

SLEW SPEEDS Nine slew speeds: 4°/sec, 2°/sec, 1°/sec, .5°/sec, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x

TRACKING RATES Sidereal, Solar and Lunar

DATABASE 1471 Object Database

What can you see with the Meade ETX60 SE telescope?

At low to medium power, the ancient landscape of the Moon becomes a fabulously intricate panorama of craters, rays and rills. At higher powers, individual crater systems can be explored. The planet Mars will show many details on its surface, and the polar cap can be seen during ideal observing conditions. At good observing times, when observed at just 50x or higher magnification, the planet Jupiter will appear as a banded disc larger in size than you normally see the full Moon with the unaided eye! The cloud belts of Jupiter will show ever changing detail that will show drift across the planet's face in just a few minutes. The four main moons of Jupiter can be seen orbiting the giant planet, sometimes casting shadows onto Jupiter's dense cloudy atmosphere. The planet Saturn will show its magnificent ring system and its bright famous moon Titan. These are just a few of the things that can be seen in our own solar system with the Meade ETX60 AT Special Edition computerised telescope.

A fantastic introduction to the lifelong hobbies of astronomy and nature watching!

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