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FREE Philip's Guide to the Night Sky!
Normally Ģ4.99, The Guide to the Night Sky by Patrick Moore is full of practical tips on observing with a telescope, and suggests a great range of awesome targets to view from the back gardens of Briain. The book is fully illustrated with 47 pages. (more info)

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Sky-Watcher Junior 50mm 15x to 45x zoom spotting scope

Sky-Watcher Junior 50mm 15x to 45x zoom spotting scope


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A great telescope for young explorers, if you are searching for a low-cost general purpose telescope, to watch wildlife, birds and perhaps shipping or aircraft but you would also like to do some basic astronomy and checkout the Moon, planets for yourself or with a child - then the Sky Watcher Junior 50 might be the telescope for you!

Simple to use and set up This powerful little telescope will please children of all ages - it's easy to set up and use and needs the minimum of parental supervision.

This is a general purpose spotting scope and will give great views of garden birds and other wildlife and will also be great for basic astronomy. Free astronomy book To help you along we've included a great little book that gives you a wealth of information about what can be seen and where to look to see some of the most exciting sights in the night sky.

The Junior 50 by Sky Watcher has an easy to use 15x to 45X zoom eyepiece that makes it easy to find targets at low power before zooming in to catch the close-up detail.

This classic 50mm (2") refractor benefits from an up to date makeover and features a solid and well made table-top tripod with pan & tilt head for easy target finding.

Ideal for explorers young and young at heart, the Junior 50 is fifty is junior in name only - it's a great little instrument to discover the wonders of nature, from your back-garden to the remote wilderness of the night sky.


50mm two-element air-spaced achromatic primary lens

15 to 45x magnification infinitely variable zoom eyepiece with long eye-relief and soft rubber eye-cup that folds down easily for spectacle wearers.

Smooth and precise helical focus er

Close focus point: just 10m

Folding table tripod with easy-to-use pan & tilt head

Threaded fitting point for standard camera tripod

Included with the Junior 50: A robust table-top tripod with pan & tilt head. Also included free of charge is a the astronomy guide book (see top banner).

So whatīs so great about the Sky Watcher Junior 50?

If you are looking for a small universal telescope for mainly terrestrial - look no further. The Sky Watcher Junior is the ideal scope for a younger child and delivers sharp bright views with the minimum of fuss!

The terrestrial views of birds, nature, shipping etc are breathtaking and are fully corrected (not inverted or mirrored) via the built in optical erecting system. For all purpose viewing the Junior 50 has a superb high power zoom eyepiece with long eye-relief and fold-down soft rubber eye-cup offering full field of view observing for users with or without spectacles. Any magnification between 15x and 45x can be selected instantly at a simple twist of the wrist! Complimenting the zoom eyepiece, a minimum backlash helical focusing system snaps the image into pinpoint focus accurately and quickly - the smooth motion offering the absolute minimum image shake.

What can you expect to see in your back-garden sky?

This telescope will show you some of the most amazing sights in the solar system right from your back garden! If you havenīt seen the surface of the Moon in a telescope then get ready for some incredible views. The Moon is an awesome spectacle any month of the year - its desolate and ancient surface showing thousands of impact craters and some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the solar system! (and this from YOUR back-garden - and for under forty quid! Ryan Air, eat your heart out!) The phases of the planet Venus, going rapidly from almost a full disc to a thin crescent can easily be seen and tracked over the weeks of its seasonal apparitions.

Under favorable conditions Mars will show and orange coloured disk. The giant planet Jupiter, just a bright star to the unaided eye, will, at 45x magnification, show the observer an image of Jupiterīs globe in the eyepiece only a little smaller than the full Moon appears to the unaided eye! Jupiter's four major moons can be tracked through the evening and can be seen transiting the disk or being eclipsed.

The famous rings that encompass the giant planet Saturn can, at opposition, just be seen as can Saturnīs enigmatic attendant moon, Titan. Beautiful asterisms (groups of stars) like the Pleiades and globular clusters (swarms of stars in a clump) like the famous M13 can be easily viewed on any dark night when these targets are over the horizon. And, a little closer to home, you can watch the behavior of birds on your bird-table just 10 meters away!

A great little telescope for all young explorers!

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