Best Scope For 300 Win Mag In 2023 Reviews – Top 6 Rated 300 Win Mag Scopes

The .300 Winchester Magnum (.300 Win Mag) round was first introduced by Winchester in 1963. Since its release, it has gained huge popularity for those shooters who are into larger game hunting. This is down to its versatility, wide availability, and effectiveness in taking down whatever prey you are after.

When it comes to extending range and accuracy of your rifle with this ammo, a quality scope is in order. With this in mind, we will review 6 of the best scope for 300 Win Mag models currently available. This will be followed by a buying guide and the best of the best in our opinion.

By doing so, we hope to narrow down a scope choice that is right for your individual shooting needs.

Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

Top 6 Best Scope For 300 Win Mag In 2023 Reviews

All six of these best 300 Win Mag scope models come from highly regarded manufacturers. Quality, durability, and effectiveness of each one are key factors. So, let’s get going with the…

  1. Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope – Best Affordable Scope for 300 Win Mag
  2. Primary Arms 4-14x44mm FFP Riflescope – Best Low Cost Scope for 300 Win Mag
  3. Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12x50mm Riflescope – Best Value for the Money Scope for 300 Win Mag
  4. Burris 4.5-14x42mm Fullfield II E1 Long Range Riflescope – Most Versatile Scope for 300 Win Mag
  5. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Side Focus Riflescope – Best Low Light Scope for 300 Win Mag
  6. NightForce SHV 4-14×56 .250 MOA Riflescope – Model C520 – Best Premium Scope for 300 Win Mag

1 Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope – Best Affordable Scope for 300 Win Mag

We begin with a very well-received optic from Vortex. This is their Crossfire II 3-9x40mm model.

What’s the model choice?

This scope comes with a choice of three different reticles. Shooters can choose between the standard V-Plex or Dead-Hold BDC reticle, which come in at the same cost.

Alternatively, you can plump for the more expensive (but still keenly priced) Illuminated V-Brite reticle. If going for the latter option, removable lens covers and a cleaning cloth are also included. All reticles are SFP (Second Focal Plane). In terms of power, this is from a CR2032 battery that offers 150 hours of life.

Built to withstand heavy ammo…

Other specs of the three models are the same, and highlights include Variable magnification of between 3-9x, a 40mm adjustable objective lens, a 1-inch main tube, and capped windage and elevation turrets. These turrets allow shooters rapid zero-reset and give the ability to achieve highly repeatable shots.

The exit pupil is between 4.4-13.3mm, and the linear field of view at 100 yards varies between 12.6 and 34.1 feet. It also includes a fast-focus eyepiece, which helps in timely target acquisition as well as reticle focus. As for eye relief, this is an acceptable 3.8- to 4.4-inches.

Crisp, clear imaging…

Constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum, the Crossfire II 3-9X40mm optic is built to last. Vortex has designed the scope to ensure it is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof. The fully multi-coated lenses also ensure a crisp, clear image across its magnification range.

The included sunshade works to enhance viewed images during sunny day shooting. However, shooters can be assured this optic also performs well in low light conditions.

Some dimensions and specs…

The scope is 12-inches in length, 1.84-inches high, weighs in at 15 ounces, and is ring mounted. Adjustments are MOA with click values in 0.25 MOA steps, and wind/elevation travel is 60 MOA. Parallax is 100 yards with focus range of 100 yards to infinity.

When it comes to the best no-nonsense, well-priced scope for 300 Win Mag, this is hard to beat. One that will suit the needs of many shooters.


  • No-nonsense optic
  • Choice of three reticles.
  • Good close to medium range targeting choice.
  • Acceptable eye relief.
  • Keen price.
  • Vortex VIP warranty.


  • No rings included.
  • Some find the eye-box narrow.

2 Primary Arms 4-14x44mm FFP Riflescope – Best Low Cost Scope for 300 Win Mag

Primary Arms combine quality with a good price point in this 4-14x44mm First Focal Plane (FFP) Riflescope.

Part of the Primary Arms SLx optics line…

The company’s SLx optics line has helped cement their reputation in terms of innovation, reliability, and value. All of their SLx models are rigorously field-tested before release to ensure effective operation in any environment. The 4-14x44mm illuminated rifle scope is their first foray into FFP optic design.

A well-received FFP reticle…

Primary Arms include their ACSS HUD/DMR first focal plane illuminated reticle in all three (identically priced) models offered. This has been designed to give true accuracy. It performs on closer range targets at 4x magnification right through to long-distance targets at the maximum 14x magnification.

What are the advantages of using this FFP reticle?

It means the reticle will stay ‘true’ regardless of the magnification level you have it on. This opens up a host of target acquisition and accuracy benefits for hunters and shooters into variable range competition matches.

Shooters will also appreciate the ability to rapidly range and assess wind holds. As for precise tuning, this is yours due to the side-mounted parallax adjustment knob. The included fast focus eyepiece also affords shooters crisp views of any target and the reticle.

A very robust, solid build…

The scope’s body is built using high strength aircraft-grade aluminum and is shockproof, waterproof as well as fog resistant. The mentioned 4-14x variable magnification is enhanced with a 44mm diameter objective lens and 30mm main tube. It measures in at 13-inches in length and weighs 25.2 ounces.

Other specs worthy of note are the Exit pupil of between 3.3-11.2mm and field of view (linear) between 7.85-27.2 feet at 100 yards. As for eye relief, this comes in at 3.14 to 3.22-inches. The scope is Mil Rad adjustable with click values in 0.1 Mil Rad steps, and parallax is 15 yards to infinity.

Great in all lighting conditions…

This well-designed optic is powered by an included CR2032 battery, and illumination type/color are LED/Red. You have six illumination settings to choose from. This means shooting in most light conditions is achievable. To top things off, Primary Arms include lens covers, an Allen wrench, and lens cloth in the purchase.

They also stand by their quality manufacturing process through the inclusion of a three year warranty.


  • Very solid build.
  • Illuminated FFP reticle (three models)
  • Turrets are easily accessed/finger adjustable.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Well-priced for what is offered.


  • Heavy.
  • Eye relief is on the limit of short.
  • Glass quality at maximum distances could be better.
  • 300 Win Mag users may want more.

3 Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12x50mm Riflescope – Best Value for the Money Scope for 300 Win Mag

Next in our Best scope for 300 Win Mag reviews, we are moving up the price scale with this Leupold model, but many shooters will find the price justifiable.

Fast-Focus, FireDot illumination…

Leupold produces some of the best scopes currently available. This model is from their VX-Freedom family. It comes with 4-12x variable magnification, a 30mm main tube, and a huge 50mm objective lens.

The integral fast-focus eyepiece works effectively to bring the SFP illuminated FireDot Duplex CDS (Custom Dial System) reticle quickly into focus. The reticle is powered by a CR2032 battery and gives shooters LED/Red features. More on the CDS functionality shortly, but first, the FireDot illumination benefits.

This feature creates a highly visible aiming point when used in low-light situations. Add to this Leupold’s proprietary Twilight Light Management System and premium lens clarity. It is a system that eliminates up to 80% more glare-producing stray light than other optics in its category. It also gives shooters an additional 10 minutes of shooting light, which can be crucial during dawn/dusk shooting sessions.

What exactly is the CDS functionality?

This is Leupolds registered Custom Dial System. It works by allowing ease of compensation for bullet drop and gives the ability for ultra-fast ‘on the fly’ adjustments. The system allows customization of your optics elevation dial to match the exact load, velocity, and current shooting conditions. Result? Unprecedented precision.

In terms of durability and reliability, this is an optic to be reckoned with. Constructed from quality 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, this scope is 100% waterproof and fog proof. Thanks to the Leupold ‘Punisher’ testing it is put through, this quality scope is also fully shockproof.

Comfortable eye relief plus lots more…

Coming in at an acceptable 13.1 ounces, this VX-Freedom model is ring mounted. It offers an exit pupil of 3.4mm, and the linear field of view at 100 yards is 21.5-10 feet. Eye relief is a comfortable 4.9- to 3.7-inches. Adjustment values are MOA and come with click value steps of 0.25 MOA while the parallax is fixed.

Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12x50mm Riflescope
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Leupold’s established quality.
  • Effective FireDot reticle.
  • Highly efficient Custom Dial System.
  • Twilight Management System.
  • Fast focus eyepiece.
  • Comfortable eye relief.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Moving up the price ladder.

4 Burris 4.5-14x42mm Fullfield II E1 Long Range Riflescope – Most Versatile Scope for 300 Win Mag

Burris has a good name among the shooting community for their fairly priced optics. This long-range riflescope model shows why.

Use for competition and/or hunting…

Burris has equipped this scope with between 4.5-14x variable magnification, a 1-inch tube diameter, and a 42mm objective lens. The clarity and generous field of view offered make it a good choice for competition shooters as well as hunters. Built using quality aluminum, it has been designed to take a beating.

This incredible versatile scope for 300 Win Mag use will withstand heavy recoil and expected vibrations. It is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof to ensure it will take whatever you put it through.

MOA reticle and more…

Featuring a non-illuminated MOA reticle in the SFP (Second Focal Plane), it allows for accuracy at mid to those more challenging long-range targets. The Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses provide shooters with optimal glare resistance coupled with maximum efficiency when used during low light situations.

On top of this, there is an easy-access side-adjusting parallax focus to enhance your aiming ability. The capped turrets are finger adjustable, and zero-reset is yours.

Some specs to finish…

It comes in black, is 12.6-inches in length, and weighs in at 15.3 ounces. The exit pupil is 3 to 9mm, and the linear field of view at 100 yards is between 7.5-22 feet. As for eye-relief, this rates at 3.1- to 3.8-inches.


  • Good for competition and hunting.
  • Solid build.
  • Nice MOA reticle.
  • Easy to see crosshairs.
  • Capped, finger adjustable turrets.


  • Some shooters might want longer eye relief.

5 Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Side Focus Riflescope – Best Low Light Scope for 300 Win Mag

We make no apologies for jumping back to Leupold for the next of our best scope for 300 Win Mag reviews. The company has been producing quality rifle scopes since 1947, and their popularity shows no sign of wavering.

Two models, both side focus design…

This VX-3i comes with a choice of two non-illuminated SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticles. Shooters can go for the Duplex reticle that offers wind and elevation travel at 100 yards of 117 MOA. The alternative is the more expensive Wind-Plex reticle version. This features the Leupold CDS (Custom Dial System) and offers wind and elevation travel at 100 yards of 113 MOA.

From there, the quality specs are the same. This includes variable magnification of between 4.5 and 14x, a 30mm main tube, and quality 50mm objective lens. The side focus design allows for adjustments to be made without having to take your head from your weapon.

Crystal clear images daylight and low light…

Shooters will certainly benefit from crystal clear images during daylight shooting. However, there is more. This is thanks to the inclusion of Leupold’s Twilight Max Light Management System.

It offers crucial, additional extra time when it comes to dawn, dusk, or deep shadow shooting benefits. The blackened lens edges and DiamondCoat 2 lens coating add to the solid durability and clarity of this quality optic.

Rugged construction…

Leupold’s quality construction is right up there with the best in the industry. This scope is 100% fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. It has been constructed to include a twin bias erector spring that works to reduce any backlash. Upon purchase, you will also have the peace of mind which comes from the company’s lifetime warranty.

Some important specs to note include: MOA adjustment click values of 0.25 MOA, linear field of view at 100 yards of between 7.4 and 19.1 feet, and comfortable eye relief of 4.4- to 3.6-inches. The VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm model is 12.2-inches in length and weighs in at 17 ounces. Upon purchase, Bikini lens covers are also included.


  • Quality construction to pass down generations.
  • Could well become a hunter’s best friend with additional low-light shooting time.
  • Side focusing design.
  • Two reticle models are available.
  • Twin bias spring erector system.
  • Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece.
  • Peace of mind lifetime warranty.


  • A noticeable investment (but worth it!).

6 NightForce SHV 4-14×56 .250 MOA Riflescope – Model C520 – Best Premium Scope for 300 Win Mag

Our final best high quality scope for 300 Win Mag use comes from NightForce. Put simply; they are a force to be reckoned with in the riflescope world.

An objective lens to be reckoned with…

NightForce have built this SHV (‘Shooter Hunter Varminter’) scope to withstand the harshest, toughest conditions while still delivering ultimate precision. The featured objective lens works by determining resolution, light transmission, and exit pupil size. More on these specs shortly, let’s first consider its construction and dimensions:

Shooters will be buying into a scope machined from solid bar stock 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. NightForce then combines lenses of top quality that afford real precision. This combination will withstand consistent and repeated recoil from the largest calibers and is shock as well as temperature proof.

Perfect adjustments…

Variable magnification is between 4 and 14x; it has a 30mm main tube and the quality 56mm diameter objective lens. The non-illuminated SFP reticle is MOAR (there is also an illuminated model available). Adjustment click value comes in 0.25 MOA steps, and adjustment range is 100 MOA.

As for parallax, this is side adjustable and comes in from 25 yards and infinity. The exit pupil is between 3.6-12mm with field of view at 100 yards between 24.9- and 7.3 feet. Dimension-wise it is 14.8-inches in length with a mounting length of 5.8-inches. It weighs in at 26.9 ounces, and shooters can expect eye relief of 3.6-inches.

What exactly is the MOAR reticle?

This is the company’s trademark reticle design. It is classed as a major advancement when it comes to precision shooting. The reticle features a floating center crosshair, which is 2 MOA wide and 2 MOA tall to give a very precise aiming point. This is seen as being particularly beneficial when it comes to hitting smaller targets over longer ranges.

Zero-tolerance lens…

The inclusion of zero-tolerance lenses works in your favor. This feature allows securing methods that prevent optical elements from moving in any direction or under any circumstances. While initial purchase price must be a serious consideration, shooters are buying into quality and a lifetime of use.


  • It won’t let you down in any conditions.
  • Excellent resolution and light transmission functionality.
  • ‘Intelligent’ objective lens.
  • Trademark MOAR reticle
  • Zero-tolerance lens feature.


  • A substantial investment.

Best Scope for 300 Win Mag Buying Guide – What to look for?

Best Scope for 300 Win Mag Buying Guide

There is no doubt that .300 Win Mag rounds are most popular when it comes to hunters and larger game. However, competition shooters and various law enforcement officers are increasingly using this caliber. To get the most from these heavy-hitting rounds, a quality scope will certainly assist.

So, here are three major factors to take into account when choosing an optic that suits your style and applications…

How far are you Targeting?

The .300 Win Mag affords shooters an excellent opportunity to hone their long range shooting skills. This means a scope that gives the ability to reach such distances needs to be a priority. While it is possible to accurately reach distances in excess of 1,000 yards with this round, that may well be stretching things for many shooters.

Having said this, if your intention is to improve distance shooting accuracy in a gradual manner, then a scope with long magnification is a definite recommendation.

Versatility is the key…

An example is the fact that for 1,000 yard targeting, shooters should look at 10x+ magnification. But, keen hunters will not always require such long distance ability. With this in mind, going for variable magnification from 3x upwards gives flexibility as well as longer range ability.

Another targeting factor to consider is the scope’s ability to perform in low-light or during dawn/dusk hunting. Regardless of the distance, if you cannot clearly see targets at these times, you are very unlikely to hit them! This is where quality scopes with good light transmission lenses really are worthy of attention.

Durable Reliability

This relates mainly to hunters who expect to get down and dirty. Those into this type of hunting already know (and anyone new to the sport will soon find out!) that conditions and environment are not always ideal. That last ‘ideal’ comment has to be the understatement of the year! But let’s face it, for committed hunters, this is a big part of the thrill.

Rough handling over differing terrain and weather conditions that often have a mind of their own is a given. This means a robust, durable, and reliable scope is needed. Water, fog, and shockproof features should be seen as a minimum requirement. Your chosen scope must also stand up to anything you throw at it and function with continuous accuracy.

Those shooters whose main use will be for competition or down the range will not find such durability as important. However, protection from heavy recoil and constant use is still a must. The final important factor to consider is a scopes ability to hold zero and do so consistently.

Reticles and Focal Plane

Crosshair reticles certainly have their place, but they are not ideal for longer range shooting. Those shooters looking to get the best results from the use of .300 Win Mag ammo need more. This should be in the form of a patterned reticle that comes with either Mil-Dot, MOA, or BDC markings.

Yes, this type of reticle can increase complications of use, but with time and practice, they are more than manageable. They also give a huge advantage when it comes to making the vital adjustments necessary for those hard-to-achieve long range shots.


As for where the reticle sits, your choice is either FFP (First Focal Plane) or SFP (Second Focal Plane). FFP reticles change size in proportion to your target when zooming in or out. A key design advantage of this is that it will significantly assist effective BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) and windage estimations. This is regardless of the magnification level you are on.

When it comes to a SFP reticle, this remains the same size at all magnification levels. This type of static reticle means any BDC markings are valid only at one magnification. This means that SFP reticles are not as effective for longer range shooting as FFP reticles. However, they can still be used to good effect and tend to be a lot less expensive than FFP reticles.

So, what is the Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?

Shooters who favor the .300 Win Mag round will maximize its hard-hitting and longer targeting ability by also using the best quality scope for 300 Win Mag ammo. While all six of our choices fit the bill, we would highly recommend the…

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Side Focus Riflescope

This optic is of proven quality and guarantees 100% waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof use.

You have a choice of two non-illuminated SFP reticle models, both of which come with side focus functionality. This means that you do not need to move your head from your weapon when making those crucial adjustments. Variable magnification comes in between 4.5, and 14x so mid to long-distance accuracy is yours. The scope is also equipped with a 30mm main tube and a top-quality 50mm objective lens.

Shooters will benefit from crystal clear daylight images as well as additional low-light and dawn/dusk shooting time. This is thanks to the company’s Twilight Max Light Management System.

We feel this optic could well become a hunter’s best friend! And, to top things off, you are buying into peace of mind with Leupold’s lifetime warranty.

Happy and safe shooting.

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