ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x Night Vision Scope Review

Are you thinking of taking the next step and trying out some more advanced equipment for your hunting rifle?

After all, one of the most effective ways to improve your rifle is by adding a scope filled with all the latest technology.

The ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x Night Vision Scope offers a huge range of features right at your fingertips. In fact, it has far more to offer than just night vision being suitable for use in both night and daylight hours.

So, I decided to check out every feature of this amazing piece of equipment in my in-depth ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x Night Vision Scope Review…

atn x sight ltv 5 15x night vision scope

First Impressions

ATN’s X-Sight LTV, or the LTV as I will now refer to it, is a fantastic entry-level digital NV (Night Vision) scope. It has some great features but has had some of the more advanced, less used features removed, making it more affordable and accessible.

It is incredibly lightweight at only 1.7-pounds (780-grams) and does a great job of looking just like a traditional scope. Keeping the design streamlined and easy to operate makes it the perfect step to upgrading from a traditional to digital scope.

atn x sight ltv 5 15x night vision scope reviews

Sleek and simple…

By cutting out the excess features that most shooters would either rarely or never use, everything is kept simple. One area that ATN hasn’t cut back on with the LTN is quality, with each of the features offering premium performance and reliability.

My first initial thoughts are that this is a well-made, easy-to-use, lightweight, and streamlined scope. With a zoom range of between 5x and 15x, you can hunt and scout from medium to long distances while enjoying the latest advanced technologies.


The LTN uses a new Obsidian LT core processor and QHD+ M584 sensor to provide digital night vision. This is all displayed on an HD 1280 x 720p resolution display screen within the scope itself. The image is incredibly sharp and clear.

Both a day and night mode are available when viewing images on the screen. In daylight mode, you are presented with a color image. There is also a hog mode in black and white, while night mode uses the popular and easy to observe “White Phosphorus.”

Video recording…

I did mention that some of the less-used features have been removed from the LTN. Video recording remains and can be stored on a Micro SD card of between 4GB and 64GB in HD 1080 x 720p resolution at smooth 30 frames per second.

What ATN has removed is Wi-Fi, dual streaming, and connectivity to other ATN products. While these features are nice, they often didn’t receive much use from most hunters and shooters. The result is a more streamlined, simplified, and affordable digital NV scope.

atn x sight ltv 5 15x night vision scope review

Traditional and convenient mounting…

Mounting the scope to your rifle requires easy to obtain common 30mm rings. Once attached to your rifle, the only real giveaway that this isn’t a traditional scope is the exclusion of any turrets. A distinct separation of scope components with a tube-like body does give the LTN a daytime scope appearance.

A generous 3.5-inches (90-millimeters) of eye relief provides recoil-proof use with high caliber weapons. There are even multiple reticle patterns to choose from while viewing the HD display with 5-15x magnification.

Long battery life…

Powering the scope is an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging the scope can be completed using the included USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable. Simply plug the Type-C end into the scope’s port and the Type-A end into any USB charging port.

The battery is required to run multiple features like a 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, video recording, and an HD screen. Taking all this into consideration makes it even more impressive that you can enjoy up to 10-hours of battery life off a single charge.

One-Shot Zero

Sighting in your rifle couldn’t be easier with ATN’s One-Shot Zero feature. By resetting your X and Y coordinates to zero, setting your sight distance (usually 100 yards), and ensuring your magnification is also at the base, take your first shot a the center of the target.

Sighting made simple…

Enter the zero setup screen and write down your original X and Y coordinates. Now aim the rifle at the original point of aim and move the reticle to the bullet hole you just shot, and press enter. Your next shot should now be a bullseye or very close.


The ATN X-Sight LTV has plenty to offer, even with its stripped-down and simplistic approach compared to other ATN models. You still get high-caliber recoil-resistance, One-Shot Zero calibration, an HD display, weather-proofing, and impressive battery life.

Equipped with the new sensor provides a noticeable difference in image quality. When looking through the scope, the picture is sharp, detailed, and well-contrasted. This remains the case through the full range of zoom magnification.

Appealing looks…

Because everything with the LTV has been simplified, this has allowed ATN to create a lightweight and attractive product. Most others will really have a hard time distinguishing the LTV from a standard daytime scope.

the atn x sight ltv 5 15x night vision scope

Comprising of a familiar eyepiece bell, visual tube body, and objective lens bell assembly, it gives a comfortable and familiar appearance. Even the digital controls have been placed where you would usually find the turrets located.

Forget it’s even digital…

When using the LTV during the daytime, it’s easy to forget that you’re even using a digital scope. The images provided on the color HD high-resolution display when in daytime mode are so vivid and clear that they look like you’re using a traditional lens.

With all the sophisticated technology placed within the scope, it needs to offer a high level of protection. The scope feels sturdy and strong, and I wouldn’t be panicking if it was accidentally bumped or knocked during use.


Adding to the already great value on offer from this product is the inclusion of mounting hardware. There are two 30mm rings included, along with an L-shaped ring and a ring for a Picatinny rail. If you wish to use quick detach mounts, these will need to be purchased separately, though.

Just in case…

While there is no hard or soft case included, which would be handy for an NV scope, there is a scope cover. It offers a decent level of protection when the scope isn’t in use, especially around the lens and screen areas.

ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x Night Vision Scope Pros & Cons


  • An affordable option for a digital NV scope.
  • Versatile, lightweight, and attractive design.
  • Generous 3.5-inches (90-millimeters) of eye relief for high caliber rifles.
  • HD 1080 x 720p screen with sharp, clear, and detailed images.
  • Suitable for both daytime and night vision use.
  • Impressive battery life of up to 10-hours from a single charge.


  • Less digital features than other ATN models.
  • The maximum SD Card capacity compatible is only 64GB.
  • No official hardshell case is available for storing the scope.
  • While the scope is weatherproof, there is no official IP rating.

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There really isn’t a better product for taking the leap from traditional to digital NV. And removing all the extra features which are normally unnecessary for most users has resulted in a highly affordable yet high-quality product.

There are plenty of shooters who will use this that might not have previously considered it. This is a smart move by ATN, as some will want to upgrade to their more advanced products in the future.

This is a great example of when less can sometimes be more. I think ATN is definitely onto a winner with the X-Sight LTV.

Happy and safe shooting.

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