Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics In 2023 – Top 5 Ranked Reviews

Have you recently converted your AR-15 to be able to shoot .300 blackout rounds?

It’s not surprising, really, as this conversion is becoming more and more popular with hunters and sport shooters alike. The .300 blackout round comes with a list of advantages over the usual 5.56 NATO round that we have all shot at one point or another. They pack more of a punch up to 300 yards, produce less noise when shot, have more projectile choices, and are just a better all-around close-quarters combat round in general.

But to make the most of this round, you need a scope to match! So, I decided to compile and review what I believe to be the five Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics currently on the market.

So, let’s go through them and find the perfect option for your AR.

best 300 blackout scopes and optics

Top 5 Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics In 2023 Reviews

  1. Primary Arms SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope w/ACSS Cyclops Reticle – Best Value for Money 300 Blackout Scope and Optic
  2. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 1-6 x 24 Riflescope – Best Premium 300 Blackout Scope and Optic
  3. Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Riflescope – Best Affordable 300 Blackout Scope and Optic
  4. Veber VPOI 3-9x42mm IR Wolf Series Riflescope by Kalinka Optics – Best Low Light 300 Blackout Scope and Optic
  5. Leupold VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Scope – Most Versatile 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

1 Primary Arms SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope w/ACSS Cyclops Reticle – Best Value for Money 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

The SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope w/ACSS Cyclops Reticle from Primary Arms is a fantastic fit with the .300 round. Perfectly suited for close combat engagements, this scope is highly durable, will last a lifetime, and is an absolute deal through and through.


  • Objective Lens: 20 mm
  • Magnification: 1 x
  • Field of View: 76.3 ft at 100 ft
  • Eye Relief: 3.7 inches
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Picatinny
  • Illumination Type: LED
  • Illumination Color: Red
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.5 MOA
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Battery Life: 3000 Hours
  • Brightness Settings: 11
  • Weight: 9.7 oz (274 grams)
  • Length: 4 in (10.2 cms)

The “ACSS Cyclops Reticle” is the best close-quarters reticle on the market right now, in my opinion. It features a ¾ circle, horseshoe style targeting circle with chevron serving as the central point. This makes target acquisition speedy and accurate. Underneath this are ranging hash marks that make range estimations and quick shooting a breeze.

The battery life is a ludicrous 3000 hours and provides the scope with 11 brightness settings. Even if the battery does die, the reticle has been etched directly onto the glass, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Built to last…

That’s right; the SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope has been built to withstand a whole bunch of punishment. Primary Arms have gained a solid following based on the high standards of their scopes, and this optic is no different. With aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and a hard coat anodized matte black exterior, it’s as tough as they come! In fact, this is probably the most durable .300 Scope you can buy.

The adjustment turrets are fully capped and can be easily turned with a coin, meaning you do not need to carry a tool around with this scope. The 0.5 MOA adjustments are not the finest on this list but are acceptable for sure.

Overall, one of the best .300 blackout scopes for close-range tactical use or hunting.


  • 3000-hour battery life.
  • Great build quality.
  • Rugged and robust.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Perfect for close-range targeting.
  • Three night vision settings.


  • Not suitable for long-range targets.

2 Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 1-6 x 24 Riflescope – Best Premium 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

Ok, let me just begin by saying this is not a cheap scope, not by any means. This scope probably costs more than the rifle you are looking to attach it to. But I always like to add one top of the line product to my reviews, even if they are slightly out of reach of most consumers. They always give a good indication of what’s available if you want to send a little or a lot more.

Is it worth the extra cash?

Well, yes and no. This truly is an excellent scope, but there are many cheaper options out there that do a great job also. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if it is worth the money.


  • Objective Lens: 24 mm
  • Magnification: 1 – 6x
  • Field of View: 115.2 – 20.5 ft at 100 ft
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
  • Illumination Type: LED
  • Illumination Color: Red
  • Optical Coating: XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Battery Life: 3000 Hours
  • Brightness Settings: 11
  • Weight: 21.5 oz (610 grams)
  • Length: 10.1 in (25.2 cms)

Featuring the “High Transmission Lens System,” which is a combination of an apochromatic objective lens and optically indexed extra-low dispersion (HD) glass elements, and let me tell you straight out, it all works beautifully. The sight vision is close to perfect.

There are a few reticles to choose from when purchasing, but the one I was sent for testing came with the JM-1 BDC (Ballistic Drop Compensation) reticle. A lot of thought has been put into this etched-glass reticle, and it works magnificently. For more info, check out this link.

The 1 – 6x magnification range suits the .300 blackout round to a tee, and the build quality is next to perfect. Machined from a single piece of high-grade aircraft aluminum, sealed with top quality O-rings, argon purged for even better anti-fogging properties than nitrogen-purged tubes, waterproof to 10 meters, and finished with ArmorTek, Vortex’s very own scratch-resistant coating hydro and dirt phobic. The scope is also backed by Vortex’s full unlimited lifetime warranty.

Fantastic quality, but expensive…

If you have some extra cash to burn, then check out the Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 1-6 x 24 riflescope right now; you won’t regret it!


  • Apochromatic objective lens.
  • HD extra-low dispersion elements.
  • XR anti-reflective and ArmorTek lens coatings.
  • Top-of-the-line build quality.
  • Full lifetime warranty.
  • Etched-glass reticle.


  • Very expensive.

3 Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Riflescope – Best Affordable 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

Sticking with the same company but heading from one end of the price range to the other, we have the wallet-friendly Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Riflescope. This capable and well-built scope costs only a fraction of the Razor HD I just reviewed.

So, how does it stack up against its more expensive cousin?

Surprisingly well. Sure, it doesn’t shine in all the same areas, but the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 is worthy of its spot on this list without a doubt.


  • Objective Lens: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 2 – 7x
  • Field of View: 12.6 – 42 ft at 100 ft
  • Eye Relief: 9.45 inches
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.25 MOA
  • Illumination Color: Red
  • Optical Coating: Fully Multi-Coated
  • Tube Diameter: 1 in
  • Weight: 14.3 oz (405 grams)
  • Length: 11.3 (28.2 cms)

What I loved about this scope…

First up, it offers a heap of eye relief, 9 inches is just ridiculous, and it means you never have trouble sighting down the scope and can also focus with both eyes open.

The 32mm objective lens lets in a huge amount of light that is transferred down the tube through the fully multi-coated lens that produces almost no noticeable aberrations, and provide great edge to edge clarity even when fully zoomed in.

Perfect for the blackout…

The magnification range of 2 – 7x suits the .330 blackout round perfectly. Useful for both close and medium-range, I was able to easily hit targets at 250 or yards. With other rounds, the effective range is pushed out to 500 yards.

The dead hold BDC reticle is another great feature. Simple yet effective, it features a crosshair with thick lines from the edges that thin near the middle creating an accurate center point. The special holdover points underneath the crosshair do a great job of helping you quickly estimate range, perfect for hunters.

Is it the best budget .300 Blackout scope on the market?

Quite possibly – easy to mount, built to last, fully purged and sealed, accurate, and extremely budget-friendly – this is the perfect beginner scope for .300 blackout but also a fine choice for experienced shooters and a great backup optic to keep in your kit bag.


  • Durable and well-built.
  • Perfect magnification range.
  • Great for CQ or medium-range shooting.
  • Simple and effective reticle.
  • Budget-friendly with a full lifetime warranty.
  • Best .300 beginner scope.


  • No parallax adjustment turret.

4 Veber VPOI 3-9x42mm IR Wolf Series Riflescope by Kalinka Optics – Best Low Light 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

Next in my Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics review, I have Kalinka Optics. They are one of the most trusted European optic companies, but pretty much unknown over here in the states. To be honest, I am pretty unsure of why that is since they produce fantastic scopes at great prices. This is only the second Kalinka Optics scope I have ever tested, and just like the first, I am truly impressed.


  • Objective Lens: 42 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of View: 41 – 140 m at 1000 m
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Any
  • Illumination Type: LED
  • Illumination Color: Blue and Green
  • Reticle: IlluminX US Mil-Dot Reticle
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.25 MOA
  • Weight: 24 oz (703 grams)
  • Length: 13.3 in (339 mm)

The Veber VPOI 3-9x42mm IR Wolf Series Riflescope is a great all-rounder, especially for hunters.

Why is that?

A few reasons. The main is that this scope comes into its own in the first and last 30 mins of light each day. That’s not to say it underperforms in full daylight, but it outshines the competition for dawn or dusk hunting.

The IlluminX 5-setting 2-color illuminated MIL-DOT reticle is fantastic. It gives you all the information you could want while out on a hunt in an easy and simple display that makes target acquisition and range estimations a breeze.

Versatile and practical…

This series of scopes, the VPOI range, has been specifically designed to have as much eye relief as possible. I wear glasses day to day and was able to easily and comfortably keep them on while shooting with this scope.

Build quality is exactly what we all want to see with a precision instrument. High-grade aluminum, hard anodized matte black finish, purged with nitrogen and O-ring sealed – all the good stuff. It’s also fully weather-resistant, plus its water, shock, and fog proof.

Here to stay…

This is a hugely underrated scope and one that I hope to see more American shooters using in the coming months and years!


  • IlluminX 5-setting 2-color illuminated reticle.
  • Amazing for dawn and dusk shooting.
  • Great reticle.
  • Versatile magnification range.
  • Generous eye relief.
  • European made.


  • Only has a 12-month warranty.

5 Leupold VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Scope – Most Versatile 300 Blackout Scope and Optic

Last up; we have the all-new Leupold VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Scope. This has been designed in conjunction with law enforcement, making for a super versatile .300 Blackout scope that helps with fast targeting across a broad range.


  • Objective Lens: 20 mm
  • Magnification: 1.5 – 4x
  • Field of View: 74.2-29.4 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 – 3.7 inches
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
  • Illumination Type: Fibre Optic
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.25 MOA
  • Adjustment Range: 125 MOA
  • Reticle: Special Purpose Reticle
  • Battery: CR203
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.25 MOA
  • Weight: 9.6 oz (272 grams)
  • Length: 14 in (355 mm)

Just like the last scope I reviewed, this has been designed specifically with dawn and dusk in mind. It does a great job of producing a clear, concise, and undistorted sight image in any light conditions. This is thanks to the Leupold proprietary Index Matched Lens and Twilight Max management system.

The “Special Purpose Reticle” is not my absolute favorite, but this is a personal preference thing and not a hard and fast rule for everybody. It’s great for anyone who likes a very simple crosshair system with zero hash marks or holdover points.

A great all-rounder…

The eye relief is great. I set mine up at just a feather under 4 inches and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I chucked it on my .50 cal to see if it worked as well, and what do you know it did!

Leupold scopes are always built to last, and the VX-R Patrol FireDot is another fine example of this. It ticks all the boxes I like to see ticked and is waterproof up to 33 feet. The turrets have been designed to give a nice tactile click with every turn, and with the CDS (Custom Dial System), you can even opt to order .300 blackout specific turrets that have been calibrated perfectly for that round.

Lightweight quality…

This is by far the lightest variable magnification scope for .300 Blackout I have reviewed which is a big selling point. Overall a super versatile and easy-to-use scope that combines with the .300 blackout round perfectly.


  • Large eye relief.
  • Waterproof to 33 ft.
  • Lightweight.
  • Custom dials available for .300.
  • Simple crosshair system.
  • Index Matched Lens and Twilight Max management system.


  • Not much to complain about here.

Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics Buyers Guide

First things first. Before you consider which scope is the perfect fit for you, you need to work out exactly what sort of shooting you will be using it for. A 2x prism scope is great for getting up close and personal, but it will let you down if your targets are more than about 100 yards away.

Range and Magnification

The .300 is not the best round for long-range (over 300 yards) targets, so you won’t be needing a 15x to 20x magnification scope. In my opinion, the largest magnification necessary for a .300 round is 9x.

If you plan to shoot at close-range targets, then a 1x to 4x scope will work well, depending on your situation. The .300 round has been optimized for this range, which is why the majority of the scopes I reviewed sit in this magnification range. Anything above this range may actually hinder your target acquisition time at closer ranges.

If you’re using your weapon for varmint clearing, then you may want a little more magnification, possibly between 5x to 9x. But if you are trying to hit targets over 300 yards, then you are simply using the wrong rounds.

300 blackout scopes and optics

Reticle Type

Again, this is going to vary depending on which type of shooting you do the most. Close-quarters combat shooters usually prefer a red-dot or ACOG style reticle, whereas target competition shooters may prefer a BDC, ACSS, or MIL-DOT reticle.

I always look for scopes that have illuminated reticles, even better if they are etched.

Some scopes will offer multiple reticle types and colors.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is defined as how far your eye can be from the rear of the scope while still having full sight vision. This is important as .300 rounds are known for having a bit of kick to them, so you will need a generous amount of eye relief to make sure you don’t end up with a black eye.

Build Quality and Type

Anytime you are buying a scope, build quality should be high on your list of priorities. These are precision instruments, and as such, they must be built within certain tolerances and with top-class components.

You should also ask yourself the question, do I want a traditional or prism scope? They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to finding the best scope for .300 blackout, prism scopes take the cake (unless you really want a scope that offers variable magnification, a feature that prism scopes are not able to employ).

300 blackout scopes and optics reviews

The fact that they have fewer components, etched reticles, and are optimized for close-quarter engagements make them a great match for the .300 blackout round.

Also, keep in mind the weight of the scope. In most cases, you will want the most compact and lightweight .300 blackout scope possible.

Glass and Coating

It’s important to always choose a scope that uses high-density (HD), extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. It’s also important to make sure the glass has been fully multi-coated.

This combo ensures the best light transmission, edge to edge clarity, and the lowest chance of aberrations. It will also help reduce any eye fatigue that may occur during long hunts.

Value For Money

In the past decade, we’ve seen the overall prices of scopes drop significantly, and the range available skyrocket. There are just so many options out there now.

I have tried to keep this review within the realm of what most average shooters would consider affordable. Of course, there are a bunch of much more expensive scopes that I could have listed here, but what’s the point of that when there are just so many mid-range or even budget units that will do the trick perfectly? However, I did add one premium scope to the mix just in case you have some money to burn.

It’s also always good to check out the warranty options. Some brands offer crazily good warranties, while others will offer the world then catch you out with the fine print when it comes time to try to claim. In general, you should always keep a copy of your proof of purchase (in fact, I always take a photo of my important receipts just in case).

Looking for Other Superb Scope Options?

Then check out my reviews of the Best Scopes for AR15 under 100 Dollars, the Best Scout Scopes, the Best Scope for AK-47, the Best 308 Rifles Scopes, the Best Scope for Hog Hunting, or the Best Deer Hunting Scopes currently on the market.

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So, Which Are The Best 300 Blackout Scopes and Optics?

Have you decided on which scope will suit best for whatever shooting you’re into? No scope is perfect for every application, but every scope that I’ve reviewed is great at what it’s designed for. For me, the…

Primary Arms SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope w/ACSS Cyclops Reticle

…is exactly what I’m looking for when shooting a .300 blackout, but maybe one of the other options will work better for your setup.

Happy and safe shooting.

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