Top 6 Best Athlon Scope To Consider In 2023 Reviews

Athlon Optics has strong engineering capabilities, strategic alliances with quality manufacturers, and an integrated supply chain. This allows them to supply superior quality optics at competitive prices to customers.

With optics ranging from competition and duty use to hunting and scouting, Athlon is ready for any mission under any conditions. And the company is so confident in its quality control processes for all its optics that a full lifetime warranty is offered.

With something for every budget and requirement, I decided to take a look at the best Athlon scopes currently on the market and find the perfect one for your needs, starting with the…

best athlon scope

Top 6 Best Athlon Scope In 2023 Reviews

  1. Neos 4-12x40mm – Best Budget Athlon Scope
  2. Midas TAC 6-24x50mm – Best FFP Athlon Scope
  3. Talos 6-24x50mm – Best Affordable Athlon Scope
  4. Ares ETR 4.5-30x56mm – Best Long-Range Athlon Scope
  5. Helos BTR 1-4.5x24mm – Best Athlon Scope for AR-15
  6. Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56mm – Best Premium Athlon Scope

1 Neos 4-12x40mm – Best Budget Athlon Scope

Athlon’s Neos range of scopes are great entry-level scopes that don’t compromise on quality. There are three reticle options available for the 4-12x40mm model, so there’s sure to be one for mounting to your favorite rifle.

Reticle options include Center X, which features a basic crosshair design for a clear field of view. Offering improved accuracy is the BDC 500 IR with bullet drop compensation markings. Finally, there’s the BDC 22 RimFire made specifically for rimfire rifles.

Glass etched reticle…

No matter which reticle you choose, they are all glass etched for superior clarity and durability. This is an SFP (Second Focal Plane) scope, meaning that the reticle stays static throughout the entire variable zoom range.

That same quality can be found in the scope’s strong and lightweight tube using aircraft-grade aluminum for construction. The single-piece tube provides structural integrity and offers better moisture resistance than multi-piece tubes.

Multi-coated lenses…

For improved light transmission beyond what the already bright 40-millimeter objective lens offers, multi-coating has been applied. This also reduces reflections and glare under sunny and bright conditions.

No matter what the conditions, the Athlon Neos can handle it. Featuring a nitrogen purged tube adds a level of fog resistance during cold and humid environments. Being completely sealed, the scope is also water-resistant.

Neos 4-12x40mm
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Quality entry-level budget scope.
  • Choice of three glass etched reticle options.
  • Multi-coated lenses for improved light transmission and reduced glare.


  • 1-inch tube size doesn’t have as many ring options as 30mm.
  • Limited MOA adjustment range on windage and elevation.

2 Midas TAC 6-24x50mm – Best FFP Athlon Scope

In the mid-range budget of scopes is the Athlon Midas TAC that offers variable zoom of between 6x and 24x magnification power. This is through a large 50-millimeter objective lens on a scope that is packed with features.

The Midas TAC uses an FFP (Forward Focal Plane), meaning that the reticle is dynamic and adjusts throughout the zoom range. This makes long-range shooting much easier without the need to make complicated calculations and adjustments.

Three reticle options…

There are three reticle options on offer with the Midas TAC, including one MOA and two Mil-Rad. The APLR4 MOA and APLR3 MIL both have a Christmas tree design for accurate windage and elevation compensation.

For the final reticle option, the APLR2 MIL features a crosshair design with both windage and elevation markings. This style offers faster target acquisition with a clearer field of view while still providing markings for improved accuracy.

ZeroStop precision system…

Once you have the Midas TAC zeroed into your rifle and ammunition, take advantage of the precise ZeroStop System. Lock in your zero point, so if any adjustments are required in the field, simply dial back until the turret comes to a stop perfectly at your initial zero.

Advanced multi-coating has been applied to the lenses for a brighter, clearer, and more detailed image through the HD glass. Light transmission is enhanced while reflected light is reduced compared to single-coated lenses.

Midas TAC 6-24x50mm
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • FFP dynamic reticle adjusts throughout the zoom range.
  • Wide zoom range of between 6x and 24x magnification power.
  • Precision ZeroStop System maintains your zero setting effectively.


  • No reticle illumination is available on this model.
  • Only one MOA reticle option compared to two Mil-Rad.

3 Talos 6-24x50mm – Best Affordable Athlon Scope

If you like the sound of the previous product but need to be more budget-conscious, then the Athlon Talos might be for you. This scope also offers a zoom range of between 6x and 24x magnification power at a highly affordable price.

One of the main differences is that this scope uses SFP instead of FFP, meaning that the reticle remains static. There is still a huge amount of useful features included with the Talos making it one of the best value scopes on the market.

Illuminated reticle…

Incredibly at this price point, Athlon has been able to offer not only long-range performance but also an illuminated reticle. For effective targeting in dim situations such as during dusk and dawn, LED technology lights up your choice of two reticle designs.

Upon purchase of the Talos, choose between either the BDC 600 IR in MOA or the ATMR 1 IR in Mil-Rad. The BDC offers bullet drop compensation markings, while the ATMR provides both windage and elevation markings.

Ready for any environment…

Just because this scope is affordable, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t up to being put through some challenges. Featuring shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof construction, the Talos can withstand almost any environment.

This rugged design and engineering have been achieved by using aircraft-grade aluminum, O-ring seals, and nitrogen purging. At 13.9-inches (353-millimeters) in length and weighing only 23-ounces (652-grams), it is also both compact and lightweight for a long-range scope.


  • Affordable long-range capable rifle scope.
  • Illuminated reticle for dusk till dawn performance.
  • Shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof construction.


  • SFP requires more calculations and adjustments for long-range accuracy.
  • Battery life for illumination is acceptable but not great.

4 Ares ETR 4.5-30x56mm – Best Long-Range Athlon Scope

For those looking for something a little more advanced and of the highest quality, the Athlon Ares ETR might be in order. With accurate and reliable long-range capabilities along with a bunch of useful features, the higher price tag is certainly justified.

Take your shooting to the next level, no matter if it is for competitive target shooting or hunting in the field. The Ares ETR offers a zoom range of 4.5x to 30x magnification power with a huge 56-millimeter objective lens.

A style to suit your needs…

There are two color choices, including either matte-black or brown. Both color options are fitted with an APRS1 reticle that is glass etched and illuminated. Power is supplied by a single CR2032 lithium battery.

As you progress through the zoom range, the reticle becomes larger, maintaining the Mil-Rad windage and elevation indications. This is due to being placed on the forward focal plane for fast and dynamic use.

Revamped turret system…

The Ares ETR has a completely revamped turret system; the elevation features the ZeroStop system, while the windage can also be locked. This ensures that your shots are accurate every time without needing to count clicks.

Premium ED (Extra Dispersion) glass has been added to the Ares ETR for impressive levels of brightness, details, and contrast. Images viewed through the scope or vivid and lifelike under almost any conditions.


  • Long-range magnification up to 30x.
  • Revamped turret locking system for windage and elevation.
  • Premium ED glass used for impressive images.


  • Not as affordable as other Athlon products.
  • 34-inch tube diameter has less mounting hardware available.

5 Helos BTR 1-4.5x24mm – Best Athlon Scope for AR-15

If you are one of the many gun owners to have the ever-popular AR-15 or similar rifle in your arsenal, then keep reading. The Helos BTR is a quality compact scope that has been specifically designed with short to mid-range capable rifles in mind.

Enjoy the same rugged reliability and accuracy that is provided in Athlon’s larger scopes in a lightweight and compact design. Zoom range is reduced with between 1x and 4.5x magnification power matching most carbine rifle model capabilities.

Built to last…

The same premium materials and build quality customers have come to expect from Athlon can be found in the Helos BTR. Constructed from premium aircraft-grade aluminum along with a waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof design, it can stand up to most environments.

A great blend of speed and accuracy can be had with the glass etched and illuminated ATSR3 SFP IR reticle. A donut ring can be used for speed, while the surrounding MOA windage and elevation markings can also be utilized for accuracy.

Never lose your mark…

With Athlon’s Precision ZeroStop system, it’s possible for users to lock down their zero position. After making adjustments, the turrets will come to a firm stop even in complete darkness or while wearing gloves.

Rather than the common use of nitrogen for tube purging, the Helos BTR has been purged with argon gas. The larger molecules effectively remove any moisture for superior waterproofing and thermal stability.


  • Perfectly matched to AR platforms and similar rifle’s capabilities.
  • Same tough construction and premium materials as larger Athlon scopes.
  • Illuminated reticle that is both fast and accurate.


  • Tighter parallax than other comparable scopes.
  • Limited MOA adjustment range to 23 MOA.

6 Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56mm – Best Premium Athlon Scope

I’ll finish with the flagship long-range Athlon rifle scope, the Cronus BTR. This is packed with all of Athlon’s latest features and is constructed using only the finest materials. For a truly premium experience, check out this scope.

A zoom range of between 4.5x and 29x magnification power can be utilized through the huge 56-millimeter objective lens. All you need now is a rifle that can keep up with this incredible scope’s capabilities.

Improve your hunting…

Gain a long-range tactical advantage with the long list of features on offer from the Cronus BTR. UHD extra-low dispersion glass has been used for stunning bright, clear, detailed, and vivid images with high contrast.

Premium-grade 6061-T6 aluminum has been used in the single-piece tube construction for added strength and weight reduction. This contains the APLR IR forward focal plane glass-etched illuminated reticle for absolute precision when tracking or targeting.

Internal stainless steel…

The Cronus BTR is also equipped with an internal stainless steel component turret design. It produces sharp, tactile, loud clicks that can easily be felt and heard. Each click for both the windage and elevation turrets provides 0.25 MOA of adjustment.

For fast and accurate adjustments, the turrets feature an Exposed Tactical Direct Dial design. There is no need for a coin or any tools to quickly and precisely make adjustments while out in the field. You can then easily return to zero with the Precision ZeroStop System.


  • Filled with the latest features and built using only premium materials.
  • Stunning UHD extra-low dispersion glass.
  • Internal stainless steel component turret design.


  • Least affordable option in the Athlon scope range.
  • No choice of reticles with only one option available.

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So, What is The Best Athlon Scope?

There is no doubt that every Athlon scope has a lot to offer at incredibly affordable prices. However, when comparing them against each other, choosing the best scope is incredibly difficult. But, all things considered, the product I have chosen is the…

Talos 6-24x50mm

With long-range capabilities and impressively clear glass, this scope is not only built tough but is both reliable and accurate. The Athlon Talos far exceeded my expectations, especially at this price point, and even had features like reticle illumination and a glass etched reticle.

Happy and safe shooting.

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