Top 6 Best Leupold Scopes To Consider In 2023 Reviews

When it comes to choosing a scope to mount on your firearm, there’s a manufacturer that has something for just about every purpose. Leupold creates scopes for a range of budgets and applications with one thing in common, they are accurate, reliable, and built to last.

This is why the company has built such a solid reputation amongst the shooting community. That’s why I decided to take a look at the best Leupold has to offer across its range of scopes.

There’s something here for everyone so let’s not waste any more time and go through the best Leupold scopes that money can buy.

About Leupold

When it comes to experience, Leupold has been one of the industry leaders since its birth in 1907, remaining family-owned throughout five generations. Originally specializing in survey equipment repair, Fred Leupold and his brother-in-law Adam Voepel began the company as Leupold Voelpel.

The first innovative product was a water level recorder followed by several other revolutionary pieces of equipment. This includes the Telemark water recorder, which was patented in 1939 and could transmit water level monitoring via the telephone.

best leupold scopes

Continued evolution…

By 1942 the company was changed to its present form, Leupold & Stevens. Under the Leupold name, products included surveying equipment, rifle scopes, and related products. Water monitoring instrumentation would be marketed under the Stevens brand.

It was after World War II that Marcus Leupold missed a shot at a deer due to his scope fogging up. “Hell, I could make a better scope than this!” He is reported to have claimed, as the deer made its escape. This was a major turning point for Leupold & Stevens.

Still innovating and growing…

The Duplex Reticle was created by Leupold in 1962 and is still used in most rifle scopes to this day. With this success, by 1979, Leupold scopes were generating twice the total revenue of Stevens Instruments.

Sales of $100 million were reached by the Leupold company in 1996, and by 1998 the water monitoring portion was separated. In 2008, Leupold & Stevens purchased Redfield Optics, including its brand name and intellectual property rights.

Building on success…

Today Leupold & Stevens, Inc.’s headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.A. It employees approximately 700 team members. In 2014 Leupold was named the most popular scope manufacturer for both high power and high power hunter competition by the NRA National Championship equipment survey.

Today, Leupold currently produces telescopic sights, red dot sights, binoculars, rangefinders, spotting scopes, and eyewear. This is in addition to scope mounts, apparel, and accessories. Contracts are also held with elite units of the U.S. Military for the use of Leupold’s riflescopes.

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Top 6 Best Leupold Scopes For The Money In 2023 Reviews

  1. Leupold VX Freedom – Best Budget Leupold Scope
  2. Leupold Mark 5HD – Best Lightweight Leupold Scope
  3. Leupold VX3 – Best Leupold Handgun Scope
  4. Leupold VX-3i – Most Durable Leupold Scope
  5. Leupold FX-II – Best Leupold Fixed Power Scope
  6. Leupold VX-6 – Best Leupold Long-Range Scope

1 Leupold VX Freedom – Best Budget Leupold Scope

Released in 2018 is Leupold’s entry-level scope, the VX Freedom gives shooters the opportunity to experience quality at an affordable price. Built tough and packed with useful features, this is a fantastic scope for beginners.

With a variable zoom range of between 3x and 9x magnification power, it is suitable for close to mid-range shooting. Hunters of varmints or game along with target shooters and even plinking can all be enjoyed with the VX Freedom.

Designed, machined, and assembled in the U.S.A…

Unlike many other entry-level scopes, the Leupold VX Freedom is designed, machined, and assembled all in the U.S.A. It has been developed by American shooters, for American shooters, without outsourcing to places like the Philippines.

One area in which costs have been able to be reduced is the lack of parallax adjustment. Instead, there is a fixed parallax which isn’t a major issue for most users as it’s not a feature that’s used very often anyway, especially by novice shooters.

Keeping its figures…

At 12.49-inches (317-millimeters) in length and weighing only 12.2-ounces (346-grams), the VX Freedom is compact and lightweight. The tube diameter of 1-inch allows for multiple mounting options to multiple rifle platforms.

Both the windage and elevation turrets can be adjusted using finger clicks with no tools required. Each click provides 0.25 MOA of adjustment with a total of 60 MOA available. Generous eye relief of between 3.7 and 4.2-inches (94 and 107-millimeters) is on offer.


  • Affordable entry-level scope that is still high-quality.
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  • Finger adjustable turrets.


  • No parallax adjustment available.
  • Limited zoom range.

2 Leupold Mark 5HD – Best Lightweight Leupold Scope

Owning a long-range scope that is also accurate and dependable usually means it is both bulky and heavy. This isn’t the case for the remarkable Leupold Mark 5HD rifle scope. Perfectly suited to the wide-open American landscape, this scope is something very special.

The Mark 5 series from Leupold is the companies most successful product when it comes to the military, police, and law enforcement. This is the smaller 3.6-18x40mm variable zoom model and is suitable for close to long-range shooting.

Finding the balance…

This scope was chosen from the range due to its balance of durability, accuracy, and weight. Built from premium materials like aircraft-grade aluminum using the latest in production techniques, the Mark 5HD weighs only 26-ounces (737-grams) despite its capabilities.

A choice of glass etched reticles is available, with each fitted on the first focal plane. This ensures that as users advance through the zoom range, the reticle also increases in size, making all markings relevant to the selected magnification power.

A moment of clarity…

Maximum performance can be utilized even in low light conditions, thanks to the superior glass quality used by Leupold. Low distortion, high contrast, and incredible resolution all go towards creating exceptional optical clarity.

If the TMR reticle is chosen, it adds illumination to the list of features. Due to the scope’s incredible light transmission capabilities, this isn’t a necessity but is certainly a handy addition if you are regularly shooting in low-light conditions.


  • Created specifically for use in the American landscape.
  • Most successful Leupold scope in terms of military, police, and law enforcement use.
  • Amazing levels of optical clarity from superior glass quality.


  • Reticle illumination only available for the TMR reticle.
  • Less affordable than other options.

3 Leupold VX3 – Best Leupold Handgun Scope

And now for something a little bit different in my review of the Best Leupold Scopes. When most people think of scopes, they rightly think of a rifle scope. Leupold has taken their experience and knowledge into creating a handgun scope that can perform just as well as its larger counterparts in a smaller form. In fact, it’s one of the best compact Leupold scopes on the market.

The Leupold VX3 offers a variable zoom of between 2.5x and 8x magnification power for increased range and accuracy to your handgun. Tested to the exact same harsh standards as every other Leupold scope, the VX3 maintains the same guarantee for life.

Advanced Optical System…

Built around Leupold’s Advanced Optical System, the VX3 offers incredible light transmission, reduced glare, and high resolution. This is all contained within a compact 11.4-inches (290-millimeters) in length and weighing only 10.9-ounces (309-grams).

In addition, users can also take advantage of modern waterproof and fog-proof construction pioneered by Leupold. With the use of advanced internal gases and sealing methods, the optics stay crystal clear and moisture-free no matter the temperature or elevation.

Duplex reticle…

A glass etched Duplex Reticle can be viewed through the VX3, offering both fast target acquisition combined with pinpoint accuracy. Mounted on the second focal plane, the reticle remains static throughout the entire zoom range.

For added protection, the lenses are given a hardened surface coating for scratch resistance. This meets all military standards for use in almost any type of condition and environment. This pairs well with the 6061-T6 aluminum body construction material.


  • Leupold reliability and quality in a handgun scope.
  • Utilizes the Advanced Optical System.
  • Shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof design.


  • Limited to use with handguns.
  • No reticle illumination.

4 Leupold VX-3i – Most Durable Leupold Scope

No matter how skilled you are as a hunter, the only way to increase your chances of success is to be out when the animals are. This is often during dusk and dawn with challenging light conditions.

Give yourself an advantage with the Leupold VX-3i, which features class-leading light transmission capabilities. A variable zoom range of between 3.5x and 10x magnification through the large 50-millimeter objective lens offers close accurate mid-range shooting.

Xtended Twilight Lens System…

Besides the large objective lens, Leupold utilizes its latest lens coating technology called the Xtended Twilight Lens System. This further enhances the already amazing light transmission capabilities during the low light conditions experienced during dawn and dusk.

Additionally, during bright conditions, the levels of glare and reflections experienced are greatly reduced. No matter the conditions, users can be assured that they can experience a bright and clear image with high contrast and resolution.

Performs in tough conditions…

The last thing a hunter wants to think about is having to baby their equipment while in the woods. The VX-3i can handle even the toughest of terrain thanks to its durable construction using 6061-T6 aluminum, along with tight seals and nitrogen purging.

Even the lenses are built tough using Leupold’s DiamondCoat 2 proprietary coating. Resistant to scratches, dirt, dust, and oils, cleaning and maintaining the crystal clear lenses is fast and simple so you can concentrate more on the target.


  • Perfect scope for dedicated hunters.
  • Incredible light transmission using the Xtended Twilight Lens System.
  • Can withstand even the toughest of conditions.


  • Larger and heavier than other comparable models.
  • 1-inch tube diameter has fewer mounting options than 30-mm.

5 Leupold FX-II – Best Leupold Fixed Power Scope

This ultra-compact and ultralight offering from Leupold is a fantastic option for AR platform rifles and rimfires like the Ruger 10/22. These are two of the most popular rifles ever sold in the U.S.A, so there are plenty of reasons to love this scope.

The fixed magnification power of 2.5x is suitable for mid-range shooting, including hunting and target shooting, and would perfectly suit a ranch gun. At only 8-inches (203-millimeters) in length and weighing just 6.5-ounces (184-grams), it’s small in size and big on features.

Edge to edge viewing…

Even with only a small 20-millimeter objective lens, the light transmission, brightness, and clarity of images are amazing. The wide field of view offers edge-to-edge viewing with no loss in image quality across the entire lens.

Turning the eyepiece adjusts the focus, complete with a lock ring once the desired level has been achieved. Generous eye relief of 4.9-inches (124-millimeters) means that images can be viewed in comfort even on high-caliber rifles.

Accurate and consistent…

Both windage and elevation adjustments are made by 0.25 MOA per click using either a coin or a small screwdriver. Each movement provides an audible and tactile response for ensuring absolute accuracy and control.

Once you have dialed in your zero and focus settings, that is where they will stay even after thousands of rounds. This is one of the most accurate and reliable scopes available, providing incredibly consistent results.


  • Perfect match for carbines and rimfire rifles.
  • Precise turrets with audible and tactile adjustment.
  • Accurate, reliable, and consistent performance.


  • Only fixed magnification power.
  • No illumination available.

6 Leupold VX-6 – Best Leupold Long-Range Scope

Coming to the end of my Best Leupold Scopes review, when it comes to long-range performance, the Leupold VX-6 has it all. Incredible light transmission, reliable mechanical performance, and impressive levels of optical clarity. This scope might just be as good as it gets.

A variable zoom range of between 7x and an amazing 42x magnification power can be experienced through the massive 56-millimeter objective lens. This scope is packed with features designed to simplify long-range shooting.

Custom Dial System…

Leupold’s CDS (Custom Dial System) helps shooters make ultra-quick adjustments for bullet drop compensation on the fly. The elevation dial is custom matched to your exact load, muzzle, velocity, and environmental conditions for an incredible level of precision.

The Twilight Max HD Light Management System also ensures that images remain bright and clear throughout the entire zoom range. Clarity is superb with high levels of contrast and lifelike detail even in low light conditions.

FireDot Illumination…

The TMOA Plus reticle features Leupold’s FireDot Illumination for incredible levels of speed and accuracy. This technology naturally brings the user’s eye to the center of the reticle while also increasing usability in low-light situations.

For absolute precision and accuracy, the windage and elevation turrets provide 0.125 MOA of adjustment per click. Ensure that every shot lands exactly where intended with confident, audible, and responsive movement.

Leupold VX-6
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Quite possibly the best long-range scope in terms of performance available.
  • CDS dial system included with the VX-6.
  • TMOA Plus reticle with FireDot Illumination.


  • This level of quality and precision isn’t affordable for everyone.
  • You’ll need a high-powered rifle to match it with.

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So, What is The Very Best of The Best Leupold Scopes?

As you can see, there really is something for every shooter and every application from Leupold. And each of these products is tough, reliable, accurate, and comes with a trusted lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

My favorite product, and therefore my choice for the best scope from Leupold, is the…

Leupold Mark 5HD

It’s incredibly versatile and can perform confidently across a range of uses. It’s also almost impossible to find a scope of this quality and ability in a package this lightweight. Truly an American masterpiece.

Happy and safe shooting.

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