Top 6 Best Primary Arms Riflescopes In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

When I need a solid and reliable scope for my rifle, I always opt for the most respected brands. Primary Arms has always been a company that I trust when it comes to high-quality firearms and accessories, so it’s only natural that I start my search with them.

Therefore, I decided to try out some of the best Primary Arms riflescopes currently on the market. And what I found was very positive across the board.

So, let’s go through them and find the perfect Primary Arms scopes for your shooting needs.

best primary arms riflescopes

Top 6 Best Primary Arms Riflescopes In 2023 Reviews

  1. Primary Arms 1-6x24mm SFP Riflescope – Best Value for Money Primary Arms Riflescope
  2. Primary Arms 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope – Best Mid Range Primary Arms Riflescope
  3. Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope – Most Popular Primary Arms Riflescope
  4. Primary Arms 4-16×44 Illuminated Mil-Dot Riflescope – Most Durable Primary Arms Riflescope
  5. Primary Arms 1-4×24 Illuminated Rifle Scope – Best Primary Arms Hunting Riflescope
  6. Primary Arms 6×32 Riflescope with BDC – Best Budget Primary Arms Riflescope

1 Primary Arms 1-6x24mm SFP Riflescope – Best Value for Money Primary Arms Riflescope

This PA 1-6x24xx SFP Riflescope is a classic Primary Arms scope that is well known for its incredible value. Hunters love it because it’s very practical and works well for close and mid-range shooting. With the 1-6x magnification range being more than suitable for most hunter’s shooting needs.

This is one of the best affordable Primary Arms Scopes you can buy but still has a long list of top features. The impressive optics and the patented sighting reticle system with its reliable bullet drop compensation and range estimation are second to none. When you think about the price in combination with such high-end specs, it’s no wonder so many make this their riflescope of choice.

Perfect for close and mid-range targeting…

The second focal plane reticle remained the same size no matter the magnification. Plus, it also comes with a partial illuminated red dot that’s powered by the included CR2032 battery. You can also handily store a spare battery in the windage turret cap. This scope features 11 brightness settings that let me balance the light at any time of the day.

This model is constructed from a 6063 aluminum tube that’s strong and light. It’s waterproof and fog-resistant and works well in most weather conditions. It works really fast at distances up to 300 yards and is very accurate over 300 to 800 yards. And its practical nature makes it a very viable option for most hunters.


  • 1x – 6x magnification.
  • Works well at up to 800 yards.
  • 11 brightness settings.
  • Partial illuminated red dot.
  • Patented sighting reticle system.
  • Reliable bullet drop compensation.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.


  • Older model so lacks some of the latest technology.

2 Primary Arms 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope – Best Mid Range Primary Arms Riflescope

This PA 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope is great for finding your target at longer distances than my first review, using its variable magnification. It’s a natural upgrade from their very popular 1-6x scope, with the only main difference being its extended magnification. It’s a solid and sturdy scope that weighs 16oz and can take the knocks you get while out hunting. However, It might be a bit heavy for some hunters who spend long days in the field.

The 6063 aluminum construction with its matte black anodized finish merges durability with aesthetics. It uses nitrogen purging to ensure a fog and water-resistant shooting experience.

Wide magnification range…

The second focal plane reticle is one of the most impressive features. As I changed power, the reticle remained the same, as did my accuracy. One feature that sets this apart from some other similar Primary Arms scopes is the 12 brightness settings. And having the ability to quickly and perfectly adjust the brightness in low-light conditions really made a difference.

When trying it out on the range, it worked amazingly well at around 300 yards and lower and worked well enough at distances of 300 to 800 yards. It comes with a top-notch ACSS illuminated reticle and an in-built CR2032 battery that’s powerful and long-lasting. To be honest, I was impressed right across the board with this high quality Primary Arms Scope.


  • ACSS illuminated reticle.
  • Wide magnification range.
  • Works great under 300 yards.
  • Second focal plane reticle.
  • Water-resistant and fog-proof.
  • 12 brightness settings.


  • Quite heavy.

3 Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope – Most Popular Primary Arms Riflescope

The PA 4-14×44 FFP Riflescope is one of the most famous scopes made by this respected brand. It will immensely boost your accuracy at magnifications of 4x to 14x. However, the ACSS HUD/DMR front focal plane reticle is the star of the show in terms of magnification.

The lens clarity will give you clear images that create the perfect shot. I liked the quick ranging and the windage adjustment that can be easily tuned with the side-mounted adjustment knob. It works well throughout its entire range, making it great for hunters.

Durable, lightweight, and affordable…

The 6063 aluminum construction was relatively light and quite rugged. I am a bit of a clumsy klutz and tend to continually bang most things, but I had zero issues with this scope, even with my heavy-handedness. It’s waterproof, fog-proof, and works well in the majority of weather conditions.

It’s powered by a decent CR2032 battery that is durable and long-lasting. However, it only has six brightness settings, which was the only drawback.

In terms of performance, it worked well up to around 600 yards. Using this scope was a fun and interesting experience, and I highly recommend it because it merges high performance with a lightweight and durable design.


  • Rugged aluminum construction.
  • Good battery life.
  • ACSS illuminated front focal plane reticle.
  • 4x to 14x magnification.
  • Performs well under 600 yards.


  • Only six brightness settings.

4 Primary Arms 4-16×44 Illuminated Mil-Dot Riflescope – Most Durable Primary Arms Riflescope

The PA 4-16×44 illuminated riflescope is the next step in terms of magnification from my previous review. And this is one of the best Primary Arms riflescopes bar none. When you need the ability to shoot at shorter and longer distances without any hassle, this is a great choice.

Quick as a flash…

I was able to seamlessly switch between short and long-range viewing in a split-second, and with the illuminated mil-dot reticle, I got the clearest images. The second focal plane with the mill dot reticle gives you a massive 16x magnification.

I also loved the audible 0.25 MOA clicks and the easily resettable zero for the locking turrets. And with the 12 brightness settings, I had lots of fine-tuning options. The reticle is parallax-free and comes with a side-mounted parallax adjust knob/button.

Tough, rugged, and durable design…

This was one of the most rugged Primary Arms riflescopes I’ve had the pleasure to use. I accidentally dropped it quite heavily in the first 20 minutes of using it (sorry about that Primary Arms), and it was still working fine afterward.

It’s constructed from durable aluminum with a hard black anodized finish that offers protection and looks great at the same time. Plus, its nitrogen purged to be fog-proof, waterproof, and totally weather resistant.

Excellent affordable quality…

In all honesty, I didn’t like this better than the 4-14x model, but they are pretty similar in most aspects. It looks good, feels great, performs well at almost all distances, and is great value for money for a product of this quality.


  • High 4-16x magnification range.
  • Perfect for both long or short-distance shooting.
  • Tough, durable, and resilient design.
  • Constructed from aluminum.
  • Nitrogen purged for weather resistance.
  • 12 brightness settings.


  • Heavy.

5 Primary Arms 1-4×24 Illuminated Rifle Scope – Best Primary Arms Hunting Riflescope

This Primary Arms 1-4×24 Illuminated Rifle Scope has a classy reputation for being one of the best riflescopes for hunters and general shooters alike. The 1-4x low power magnification uses a 24mm objective lens to let in the perfect amount of light for that range. The crystal clear images and target clarity I got at mid and short-range distances were nothing short of fantastic.

The duplex reticle has an illuminated center red dot that ensured I could use it in low light conditions, making it a very versatile riflescope. It allows in more than enough light transmission that I could clearly see my targets in most conditions, and that’s all you can ask. The 1x to 4x magnification was ideal for me but would not be so suited for longer distances.

Practical brightness adjustments…

The 12 brightness settings, along with the illuminated reticle, were all I needed to balance the light in any situation. It has an adjustable knob that was simple to alter quickly on the move in the field.

The tube is built from aluminum that made it feel quite light, but it stood up to heavy usage. And as you would expect, it’s waterproof, fog-resistant, and shockproof. It’s one of the tougher riflescopes I’ve tried, but it didn’t quite have enough magnification for my liking. But that’s all about personal preference and your shooting style.


  • 1x to 4x magnification.
  • Crystal clear images.
  • 12 brightness settings.
  • Illuminate red dot reticle.
  • Light and rugged aluminum construction.
  • Weather-resistant.


  • I personally prefer more magnification.

6 Primary Arms 6×32 Riflescope with BDC – Best Budget Primary Arms Riflescope

This PA 6×32 riflescope comes equipped with a BDC reticle and is known for its unparalleled performance. What’s so great about this model is its amazingly affordable price tag for the number of features you get. And just because it’s cheaply priced, it doesn’t mean that it falls apart immediately and stops working. Quite the contrary with this scope.

This is a fixed power riflescope that utilizes the ever-versatile ACSS reticle that was adapted to .22 caliber rifles. It is the perfect choice for small game hunting, plinking, or even competition use. This reticle is superb for accurate range estimates and comes equipped with super-precise BDC (bullet drop compensation) and rapid windage and elevation adjustments.

Solid, sturdy, and affordable…

This worked great for me when viewing a fast-moving target. The field of view is 17.50 feet at 100 yards, and it features fast focusing capabilities. Not having an illuminated reticle did downplay this scope a little, but in this price range, you can’t expect to get everything. It’s a great budget scope that works well but is not the best Primary Arms scope, in my opinion.

However, it does benefit from a solid aluminum construction with a hard black anodized finish. It was waterproof and fog-proof when I took it in the field and was very durable against the elements. If you don’t have too much money to spend, but what a high-quality Primary Arms scope that works well for the price, then this is the one to get.


  • ACSS reticle with BDC.
  • Perfect for .22 caliber rifles.
  • Fantastic range estimation.
  • Completely weather resistant.
  • Quick windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Solid aluminum construction.


  • None.

Best Primary Arms Riflescopes Buyer’s Guide

Before you rush out and buy a Primary Arms riflescope, let’s learn a bit more about the company and what you need to look out for.

Who are Primary Arms?

Primary Arms

Primary Arms are a market-leading firearms and accessories manufacturer and retailer. They are based in Houston, Texas, and have a reputation for providing high-quality optics for affordable prices.

First established in 2007, the company has grown exponentially over the past decade and currently exports to 17 countries such as Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

They are largely known for producing scopes that feature their own patented ACSS reticle system. And their entire business ethos was built on the concept of providing high-quality products to gun enthusiasts, professional shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and military personnel.

Primary Arms is one of the most recognizable names in the American firearms industry. They are widely known for their affordable products and a customer service team that really knows their stuff.

What Makes a High-Quality Primary Arms Scope?

Now let’s take a look at what you need to think about before buying any type of riflescope. This is not limited to Primary Arms scopes but is more of an overview and riflescope buyer’s guide with some useful tips and advice.

Understanding Reticle Styles

Choosing the ideal reticle for your riflescope is very important. It usually comes down to the type of shooting you enjoy. For long-range shooting, I would recommend you choose a scope with a BDC reticle. But for shooting over short distances, a simple duplex reticle should be fine.

primary arms riflescopes

Choosing Magnification Levels

A common mistake that novice hunters make is thinking they need to buy a long-range riflescope with the highest magnification levels. High magnifications can distort the image in some cases and lower your chances of hitting the target.

And then there’s ‘fixed power’ scopes that only have one magnification level. Or variable power riflescopes that offer a range of power levels that can be easily adjusted to get a clear image of your desired target. So, generally speaking, I recommend you get a variable power scope for most shooters.

Multicoated Lenses

In my opinion, you should never buy a riflescope that doesn’t have multicoated lenses. These are made to reflect and prevent glare, culminating in a very clear sight image no matter the magnification. They are the cornerstone of great optical performance, but they also cost a bit more than scopes with no coatings.

However, also remember that if the product you buy has poor quality glass, it doesn’t matter if the lenses are coated or not.

Construction and Durability

You don’t want to buy a riflescope that will fall to pieces the first time you drop it or after being used a few times. Durability and ruggedness are as essential as the magnification levels and reticle quality.

I prefer scopes that are constructed from some type of aluminum alloy because they can take some serious knocks but are also lightweight and easy to carry about. Ones that feature nitrogen-filled tubes are also recommended to ensure your scope is waterproof and fog-proof.

Looking for More Quality Scope Options?

Well, if you’re a fan of Primary Arms, I recommend you check out my in-depth review of the Primary Arms 2-5x Compact AR15 Scope.

Or take a look at our comprehensive reviews of the Best Leupold Scopes, the Best Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Scopes, the Best 3 Gun Scope and Optic, the Best Deer Hunting Scopes, the Best M4 Scopes and Optics, the Best Scopes for AR15 under 100 Dollars, the Best Scope for Hog Hunting, the Best Mil Dot Scopes, and Best Scope for AK-47 on the market in 2023.

But, Which is The Very Best of The Best Primary Arms Riflescopes?

The best rifle scopes from Primary Arms already come highly recommended by industry experts and are known to perform well and last the test of time. And I didn’t have a single problem with any of the ones I reviewed. But my personal favorite has to be the…

Primary Arms 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope

It was one of the first scopes I reviewed, and to be honest; I liked it the best. It comes equipped with a top-notch ACSS illuminated reticle and works great down to less than 300 yards and very well between 300 and 800 yards. In fact, it had the exact magnification range I needed, had loads of brightness settings, and was durable and weather-resistant.

The 1x to 8x variable magnification gave me fantastic short, mid, and longish-range targeting, and you just can’t beat that kind of versatility.

Happy and safe shooting.

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