Top 5 Best Scope for Hog Hunting On The Market In 2023 Reviews

Hunting feral pigs is very different from hunting animals such as deer. And choosing a rifle and scope that is suitable for the behavior of hogs is absolutely crucial. Traditionally a spotlight along with a scope possessing high levels of light transmission would be used.

But with advancements in technology, it’s now possible to use equipment that was previously only available to the military. Night vision and thermal scopes have become more widely available and also much more affordable. They also happen to be perfect for hog hunting.

So, let’s find out what, in my opinion, is the best scope for hog hunting currently on the market, starting with the…

scope for hog hunting

Top 5 Best Scope for Hog Hunting In 2023 Reviews

  1. Sightmark Wraith HD – Best High Definition Scope for Hog Hunting
  2. ATN X-Sight LTV – Most Affordable Night Vision Scope for Hog Hunting
  3. Pulsar Digex N455 – Best Digital Scope for Hog Hunting
  4. Burris BTS-50 – Best Thermal Scope for Hog Hunting
  5. Armasight Nemesis – Best Close-Range Scope for Hog Hunting

1 Sightmark Wraith HD – Best High Definition Scope for Hog Hunting

The Sightmark Wraith HD features a Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution sensor that can be used during both day and night. View full color during the day, then with the touch of a button, swap to either black & white or classic emerald for night vision.

Suitable for use when hog hunting, the Wraith HD is incredibly versatile and is also well-suited for other predators and deer. With a variable zoom range of between 4x and 32x magnification power, you can aim at targets from close to long-range.

Highly Adaptable…

There are ten different selectable reticle options available to choose from depending on the conditions and environment. Not only can you choose the reticle design, but there are also nine colors for faster and more accurate aiming.

With the versatility on offer from the Wraith HD, you’ll want to use it on all your firearms. It’s possible to save up to five profiles with different zeros for use with various firearms and ammunition. Mounting is easy, too, using a standard Picatinny/Weaver-style mount.

Never miss a moment…

If you use a Micro SD card with the scope, pictures and videos can be saved for reviewing or sharing later. Users can also stay up to date with the latest features by updating firmware using the Micro USB port.

Power is supplied by four AA batteries providing up to four and a half hours of continuous use. If you have an external USB power bank, then this can be used to power the scope instead of relying on batteries. So, you never need to be without power and lose that hog you’ve been tracking.

Sightmark Wraith HD
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution sensor.
  • Selectable reticle designs and colors.
  • Record pictures and videos to a Micro SD card.


  • Battery life from four AA batteries isn’t great.
  • Short optical zoom compared to digital zoom.

2 ATN X-Sight LTV – Most Affordable Night Vision Scope for Hog Hunting

ATN uses a cutting-edge QHD 2688 x 1944p resolution sensor giving users crisp and vivid images for use during day and night. An optical variable zoom range of between 5x and 15x magnification power is suitable for mid to long-range shooting.

Built out of hardened aluminum alloy along with impact-resistant electronics, the ATN X-Sight LTV can withstand heavy recoil. When hunting hogs, you need a rifle powerful enough to penetrate their tough skin.

That’s a record…

By inserting a Micro SD card of between 4 GB and 64 GB storage capacity into the X-Sight LTV, users can record pictures and videos. Never miss an exciting moment and capture them in stunning HD 1080 x 720p resolution at 30 frames per second.

Thanks to the use of ATN’s Obsidian Core Processor, the scope is amazingly energy efficient. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide up to ten hours of continuous use from a single charge.

From zero to hero…

Save on ammunition and frustration when setting zero. The One Shot Zero feature is simple to use. Just place a shot while aimed at the bullseye on a target. Using the easy-to-reach and simple controls, set the reticle to where the shot landed on the target.

The scope will then automatically make the necessary adjustments ensuring your next shot hits the bullseye. Go from zero to hero in no time at all. Even with all this amazing technology, the scope only weighs a lightweight 1.7-pounds (780-grams).


  • Hardened aluminum alloy construction with impact-resistant electronics.
  • Optical zoom range of between 5x and 15x magnification power.
  • Simple to use One Shot Zero feature will save ammunition and frustration.


  • No smart device compatibility.
  • Limited digital features to keep the price down.

3 Pulsar Digex N455 – Best Digital Scope for Hog Hunting

The N455 is the newest digital scope in Pulsar’s lineup. It combines a huge range of the latest advanced features with a traditional rifle scope design. An included 950-nm infrared sensor has a 550-yard (503-meter) range and is invisible to the naked eye.

A variable optical zoom range of 4x to 16x magnification along with 2x to 4x digital zoom offers mid to long-range shooting. Hunt for hogs with a distinct advantage by viewing the night environment like you’re experiencing the clarity of daylight.

Fantastic nighttime sensitivity…

With an HD resolution display and HD night vision sensor, you can experience the best nighttime sensitivity in this class. This is wrapped in an all-metal aluminum alloy housing for both durability and weight reduction.

Pulsar uses cutting-edge electronic components along with signal processing algorithms to guarantee sensitivity and clarity. This allows users to experience flawless performance at night even without the IR illuminator.

Going high-tech…

Use either a wired connection via USB or a wireless connection using the built-in Wi-Fi to transfer recorded data to your PC or smart device. Still images or video with sound can be captured to the internal 16 GB storage drive.

There are nine selectable reticle designs to choose from for matching with the current conditions and environment. Using the forward focal plane means that the reticle adjusts according to the magnification level selected within the zoom range, which is great for high hunting.


  • Combines a traditional scope with the latest in NV tech.
  • Best nighttime sensitivity in its class.
  • Transfer footage wirelessly over built-in Wi-Fi.


  • Less affordable than other digital NV scopes.
  • Only a single NV display mode.

4 Burris BTS-50 – Best Thermal Scope for Hog Hunting

Taking things to the next level when it comes to the best scope for hunting hogs is the use of thermal imaging technology. Instead of relying on infrared to illuminate the area, thermal imaging detects targets using a heat signature that is much more sensitive and reliable.

The Burris BTS-50 is simple to use and provides some impressive results, especially when detecting and tracking hogs. Combining Burris’ knowledge and experience in optics with the latest in technology is a perfect match.

Hot on the track…

A feature that hunters will find incredibly useful for hog hunting is the Hot Track feature that is exclusive to Burris. The hottest object in the field of view will be marked with a crosshair and followed as it moves.

Even when hogs try to hide in cover, the use of thermal technology will keep track of the target. This will greatly increase your chance of success, almost to the point of cheating. You can’t help but feel a bit like James Bond when using this incredible feature.

And that’s not all…

In addition, there are also useful features like ten selectable reticle styles with seven illuminated color pallets, including brightness control. Adapt your scope to the surrounding conditions and environment for improved accuracy.

If that’s not enough, there’s also an integrated stadiametric rangefinder. Using the intuitive rolling control knob, it’s possible to quickly and accurately estimate the target’s distance resulting in more hits and fewer misses.


  • Uses superior thermal imaging technology.
  • Incredible and exclusive Hot Track feature.
  • Range of selectable reticle styles and colors.


  • Advanced technology isn’t as affordable.
  • It almost feels like you’re cheating when hunting.

5 Armasight Nemesis – Best Close-Range Scope for Hog Hunting

This high-performance rifle scope from Armasight is capable of providing high-resolution details in complete darkness, making it perfect for hog hunting. A static magnification of 4x is also well-matched for targeting wild boars.

With the power of second-generation night vision technology, users can enjoy clearer and brighter images at a longer range with a larger field of view. The Armasight Nemesis is also built tough for withstanding the unintended abuse that comes with hunting.

Simple illuminated reticle…

A unique thin but well-defined crosshair reticle is used in the Nemesis for fast target acquisition. Illuminated in red using LED technology, it is easy to see during low light conditions for faster and more accurate aiming.

A detachable IR (Infrared) illuminator is included with the scope for helping you to detect and track hogs in the distance. By emitting infrared rays at the target that are invisible to the human eye, it becomes clearly visible through the scope’s lens.

Take on the wild…

A shockproof optics guard protects the scope from heavy recoil along with any accidental bumps or drops. O-ring seals also protect the internal electronics from moisture, meaning that the weather is no nemesis.

Easily mount the scope to most firearms using the integrated Weaver/Picatinny rail mount. At 12-inches (304-millimeters), the scope isn’t too long, but at 43-ounces (1219-grams), it’s certainly no lightweight.


  • Utilizes second-generation NV technology.
  • Simple illuminated crosshair reticle.
  • Can withstand most environments and weather conditions.


  • Limited to 4x magnification power.
  • Heavy at 43-ounces (1219-grams).

Best Scope for Hog Hunting Buying Guide

With so many wonderful products available for improving your accuracy and, therefore, success while hog hunting, you might be a bit overwhelmed. However, with options covering most budgets, there are some key differences.

To help you make the most informed and confident choice for your new hog hunting scope, I decided to include this helpful buying guide. By covering some of the key differences that you may not have considered, it could well help with your final decision.

Can you feel the heat…

While traditional infrared night vision technology is effective, there is now an even more advanced option available previously only accessible by the military. Thermal imaging technology uses heat rather than light, making tracking hogs even easier.

The Burris BTS-50 not only harnesses this technology inside its already impressive optics, but it also has the Hot Track feature. This will allow you to identify and track hogs that previously would have been missed for a much higher success rate.

best scope for hog hunting

Hogging the action…

Not everyone can afford numerous firearms and scopes, so something much more versatile is always a good choice. Luckily there are some options for those looking for something with multiple uses such as day and night plus extended range capabilities.

Both the ATN X-Sight LTV and Pulsar Digex N455 are just as effective during the day as they are at night. They are also both capable of long-range shooting, meaning users can hunt game such as deer as well as hogs and coyotes.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which of these great products is right for you, then in the next section, I will let you know which product I’ve chosen as the best hog hunting scope and why. But before that, are you…

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So, What is The Best Scope for Hog Hunting?

Each of these products are highly effective hog hunting scopes, and each has its own characteristics. However, in the end, there can only be one scope that can be named the best, and the product I’ve chosen is the…

Burris BTS-50

Even though this is the least affordable option, it is also the most technologically advanced. While the infrared NV scopes will help you see at night, thermal imaging vastly increases your detection and tracking success rates.

With this type of technology combined with the quality of Burris optics, it’s well worth creating a savings account!

Happy and safe shooting.

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