Top 6 Best UTG Scopes In 2023 Reviews

Any poker player out there will be fully aware that UTG stands for “Under The Gun.” However, it is not poker strategies that I will be concentrating on here! The intention is to review six of the very best UTG scopes currently available.

Leapers Inc. have been using the registered “UTG” brand since 2009. Since then, they have consistently grown the brand and now offer a healthy portfolio of firearms equipment and accessories. Innovative design and very pocket-friendly prices have to be seen as major factors in their success story.

The six reviewed scopes will be broken down into two categories; variable magnification and dot scopes. So, let’s start with three that fit snugly into the first category.

best utg scopes

Three of The Best Variable Magnification UTG Scopes

It is no secret that many shooters prefer the flexibility that variable magnification scopes offer. Being able to adjust magnification means it is possible to effectively zoom in or out to precisely acquire targets.

Shooters will find that UTG offers a decent variety of variable magnification scopes. One that has proved hugely popular with shooters looking for quality at an excellent price is their…

1 UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm Riflescope – Best Value for Money UTG Scope

This UTG BugBuster scope is priced to suit two categories of shooters. Those who are new to scopes and the more experienced looking for value.

Built to last…

This scope is built on Leaper’s TS (True Strength) platform. Constructed using hard-wearing aluminum, it is completely sealed and nitrogen filled. Use in varying weather conditions is yours due to the fog proof and waterproof design. It is also acceptably shockproof should you accidentally drop or knock it while out shooting.

The 3-9x32mm BugBuster comes in two options, with the difference being reticle choice. Shooters can go for the RGB Mil-Dot reticle with either red and green LED illumination or the slightly more expensive Mil-Dot reticle with a choice of 36 different colors.

Variable magnification that works for many…

The variable magnification that shooters choose is dependent upon the distances they intend to shoot over. A common mistake that those new to scopes make is to overdo things in terms of top-end magnification. That will certainly not be the case for those buying into this BugBuster scope.

Whichever reticle you go for, both options come with the proven SFP (Second Focal Plane) Mil-Dot range estimating reticle. The scope offers variable magnification of between 3 and 9x, which is an excellent fit for many shooters. You can then add to this a 32 mm objective lens and a 1-inch diameter main tube. The result is short to mid-range targeting ability.

Very impressive specs for the price…

Weight-wise the 3-9×32 BugBuster will add 13.9 ounces to your weapon, and it has a height of 45 mm. The exit pupil comes in between 10.6 – 3.6 mm with linear field of view at 100 yards ranging from 14- to 37.7-feet.

Parallax design is classed as UTG’s SWAT AO. This stands for “Side Wheel Adjustable Turret – Adjustable Objective” and runs from 3 yards to infinity. In terms of click steps, it is MOA adjustable with 1/4 MOA steps. As for eye relief, this comes in between 3.2- and 4.2-inches.

Other features worthy of note….

It needs mentioning again, the build and features included really do offer value. The windage and elevation target turrets are zero lockable as well as resettable. Clarity of view is also a given thanks to the Multi-Emerald lens coating that works to achieve maximum light transmission.

Included in the price, you get a 2-inch sunshade, flip-open lens caps, and medium profile Torx Screw Locking Dovetail Rings. These rings mean ease of attachment to your weapon.


  • Highly popular UTG scope.
  • Built on the company’s True Strength Platform.
  • Choice of illumination models.
  • Effective reticle.
  • Acceptable clarity of view through Multi-Emerald lens coating.
  • Turrets are both lockable and resettable.
  • Excellent price point.


  • Experienced shooters will look for more.
  • Included locking rings may well need replacing.

2 Leapers UTG 3-12x44mm Compact Riflescope – Model No: SCP3-UM312AOIEW – Best Compact UTG Scope

Next up, in my Best UTG Scopes review, extending variable magnification comes with this UTG 3-12X44mm scope. The viewing range may be extended, but the design of this scope means it is still more than acceptably compact.

Strength in build, flexible in use…

The True Strength platform this optic is built on comes from robust aircraft-grade aluminum. It has been designed to give shock, fog, and rainproof use with complete sealing and nitrogen filling. The 3-12x variable magnification is coupled with a 44 mm objective lens and a 30 mm main tube.

Dimension-wise, you are buying into an acceptably compact rifle scope. It is 11.1-inches in length, 2.08-inches in height, and weighs in at 23.1 ounces. In terms of viewing quality, shooters will see their target and surroundings clearly. This is thanks to the Multi-Emerald coated lenses that help to achieve maximum light transmission.

A reticle that puts you in the reckoning!

The LED IE (Illumination Enhancing) Mil-Dot reticle sits in the SFP (Second Focal Plane) and offers shooters multi-color mode use. It has 36 colors to choose from and can be personalized depending upon the light and environmental conditions you are shooting in.

Powered by an included CR2032 battery, many are likely to initially plump for the original “RGB” mode offering red/green illumination. However, once you have run through the color spectrum available, you will find colors to suit your needs.

Simple to adjust…

To enhance viewing and target acquisition, the scope is also equipped with seven brightness settings. It includes a low-profile illumination control designed with two soft, ergonomic control buttons. This gives you the ability to carry out natural, smooth, quick-reaching finger/hand operation.

Staying with illumination functions, there is a special circuit and housing design that allows for uninterrupted illumination regardless of the amount of felt recoil.

Zero lock / Zero reset target turrets and more…

Leapers have included premium zero lock and zero reset target turrets to ensure precise windage and elevation adjustments. These are offered in 1/4 MOA click steps. As for parallax adjustment, this ranges between 10 yards and infinity. Adjustment is achieved with ease thanks to the SWAT (Side Wheel Adjustment Turret) feature.

Other specs and inclusions of interest are an exit pupil of between 13-3.9 mm and linear field of view at 100 yards of between 10-32 feet. As for eye relief, this ranges from 3 to 3.4-inches. It comes with an integrated angled front sunshade, flip-open lens caps, and maximum strength Picatinny/weaver rings.

To top things off, there is also a cleaning cloth and Mil-Dot chart to go with the owner’s manual.


  • Acceptably rugged build.
  • Compact design.
  • Holds zero effectively.
  • Good reticle offering 36 illuminated colors.
  • Seven brightness settings.
  • Multi emerald coated lenses.
  • Ease of adjustments (including SWAT parallax feature).
  • Decent price for what is on offer.


  • Make sure eye relief is sufficient for you.

3 Leapers UTG 2-7x44mm Scout Riflescope – Model No: SCP3-274LAOIEW – Best UTG Scout Scope

To finish off the best variable magnification UTG scopes, we dial-back in power but not in build quality. This 2-7x44mm rifle scope is a good fit for those who have a scout rifle in their armory.

True in more ways than one!

Coming in black with a matte finish, this is a scope that will catch the eye. But, it is not just a pretty face. Built on Leapers True Strength Platform and honed from aircraft-grade aluminum means shooters can be assured of robust use. It is also completely sealed and nitrogen filled and comes with shock- fog- and rainproof abilities. This allows use in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

The second “True” feature comes from the long eye relief provided. This varies between 9.5 and 11-inches to ensure shooters have true and consistent extended eye relief. This is a crucial factor in using the scope on any firearm where optics cannot be mounted directly above the action.

Effective features and functionality…

The 2-7x variable magnification and 44 mm objective lens is complemented by a 30 mm 1-piece main tube. This configuration provides maximum light transmission and means it is ideal for scout-style rifles. The scope is also equipped with Leaper’s innovative EZ-TAP illumination enhancing system. RGB is offered in dual-color mode plus an additional 36 colors in multi-color mode.

The latter function allows color adjustments to fit with the weather and light conditions you are shooting in. It also offers a 1-click memory illumination feature allowing users to quickly get back to the last color and brightness setting last used.

Quality through and through…

The quality TRE (Tactical Range Estimating) 6 Mil-Dot etched glass reticle sits in the SFP (Second Focal Plane) and offers excellent performance. For power, there is an included CR2032 battery. Exit pupil runs between 6.3-22 mm while the linear field of view at 100 yards is between 10-32 feet.

The premium zero locking and zero resetting target turrets are MOA adjustable with precise 1/4 MOA click steps. As for the SWAT (Side Wheel Adjustable Turret) for parallax adjustment, this runs from “True 10 yards” to infinity. In terms of dimensions, the scope is 11.5-inches long and 2.08-inches in height with a weight of 25.4 ounces.

What’s in the box?

Upon purchase, you will also receive a practical TactEdge angled integral sunshade and decent-quality flip-open lens caps. As for mounting, there are no issues as you also receive twist lock medium profile Picatinny/Weaver rings.


  • Rugged build.
  • Quality TRE reticle.
  • Very good light transmission.
  • Zero lock/Zero reset target turrets.
  • SWAT parallax feature (also ready to accept Big Wheel).
  • Included twist lock medium profile rings (Picatinny/Weaver).
  • Ready to shoot out of the box.


  • On the heavy side for a true scout scope.

What Are ‘Dot’ Sights All About?

Before getting into three of the best dot scopes from UTG, let’s take a quick look at what these dot scopes are all about.

Well, they are certainly not a new concept, although the increase in use and popularity has been seen in recent worldwide conflicts. The reason for this is that ground troops proved conclusively that the red dot sight was far more effective in close combat than iron sights.

Although military use helped ‘promote’ dot sight use, this was further assisted by LE (Law Enforcement) officers. As is the case with firearms and accessory popularity, what the military and LE use successfully, civilian use follows.

How Do Dot Sights Work?

These optics are unique when it comes to targeting. In short, when looking through the sight, the angle does not matter. This is because the dot itself moves onto your target in ‘magic’ fashion.

The reality of this illusion is that you are able to run the dot far more quickly over the target than with iron sights. Additionally, you have both eyes open while acquiring your target and checking your surroundings. This is the reason that dot optics get you on target far faster than other scopes.

utg scopes

Three of The Best UTG Dot Scopes

More shooters than ever before are discovering the UTG brand of red dot scopes. They may not be right up there with better-known, more expensive brands. However, this has not stopped a healthy take-up of what UTG offers.

Shooters in the know are taking their time to compare features and functionality and then cross-referencing prices. Through this process, they are finding UTG dot optics that meet their needs (and pockets!).

So, here are three quality models to prove this point…

1 Leapers UTG – Golden Image 38mm (1.5-inch) Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral Weaver Mount – Model No: SCP-RD40RGW – Best Value for Money UTG Red Dot Scope

In terms of popularity, this Golden Image red/green dot sight is right up there with the best UTG has to offer. This is little wonder when you consider what is offered for the price.

Rapid target acquisition is yours…

Are you looking to quickly acquire targets in CQB (Close Quarter Battle) situations? If so, look no further than the Leapers UTG ITA CQB red/green dot sight. Coming in black with a matte finish, it is made from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum.

The overall length is 96 mm (3.78-inches), and it will add 9.4 ounces to your weapon. It features a 30 mm objective lens and a 38 mm (1.5-inch) main tube. This top-notch dot scope is built to withstand the expected rough and tumble you will put it through.

Crystal clear…

The 4.0 MOA (Minute Of Angle) red/green illuminated dot is complemented with quality emerald lens coatings that ensure a bright, clear view. Clarity of view is further enhanced through the variable brightness setting feature. This allows ease of adjustment to fit the surrounding environment.

As for wind and elevation adjustments, this could not be easier thanks to the coin-adjustable knobs and 1/2 MOA click steps. Exit pupil comes in at 22 mm, and linear field of view at 100 yards is 95 feet. Parallax setting is to infinity while eye relief is unlimited.

No concerns about mounting…

This UTG red dot sight has been designed with an integrated Picatinny mounting deck. This allows for ease of attachment to the majority of weapons. Included in purchase is a CR2032 3V high energy lithium battery, flip-open lens caps, cleaning cloth, and owner’s manual.

When all is said and done, the price for this dot optic offers excellent value. You can also add the fact that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. All in all, this points to a purchase that is highly recommended.


  • Robust build.
  • 4.0 MOA Red/Green illuminated dot.
  • W/E adjustments in 1/2 MOA click steps.
  • Clarity of view acceptable.
  • Variable brightness settings.
  • Excellent price point.


  • Experienced shooters may want more (but will pay a lot more!)

2 Leapers UTG 4.2in ITA Red/Green CQB Dot w/ QD Mount, Riser Adaptor – Model No: SCP-DS3840W – Best CQB UTG Red Dot Scope

Next, in my review of the Best UTG Scopes, we are moving up in specs. this UTG 4.2-inch ITA Red/Green dot is designed for CQB situations and fits a wide variety of weapons.

Adaptable it certainly is!

This 4.0 MOA (Minute Of Angle) dot sight gives users a wide field of view and unlimited eye relief. The no-reflection high-tech emerald coatings ensure crisp, clear target views. As for the red or green dot, it has been designed to adapt to the environmental background conditions you find yourself in.

Additional adaptability comes through the fact that its optimal height design will co-witness with your iron sights. You then have a smart adapter as well as a straight-up QD (Quick Detach) tactical mount included. This innovative QD mounting deck means it is compatible for use with a wide range of pistols, shotguns, and rifles that have a Picatinny rail.

Aim, lock-on, fire…

Powered by an included CR1620 3V battery, the illuminated rheostat comes with variable brightness levels. These are easy to adjust and can be quickly set to your surroundings. It allows shooters to aim, instantly lock on to their target, and quick-fire those all-important shots with accuracy.

This is Leapers UTG 5th generation 4-inch dot sight version and, as such, has seen consistent improvements in design. It is 4.25-inches in length and weighs in at 9.8 ounces. The main tube and objective diameters are 38 mm and 32 mm, respectively, while the exit pupil is 26 mm. As for FoV (Field of View) at 100 yards, this is 100-foot while parallax setting is to infinity.


  • 5th gen version.
  • 4.0 MOA dot.
  • Co-witness with iron sights.
  • Variable brightness levels.
  • Smart adapter and Straight-up QD tactical mount included.
  • Good fit for pistols, shotguns, rifles.
  • Keen price.


  • Comments that the dot is blurry/like a ‘starburst.’
  • Flip-up covers are flimsy when used with heavier recoil ammo.

3 Leapers UTG OP3 Micro Red Dot Sights – Reflex, 4 MOA Single Dot – 2 models – Most Durable UTG Red Dot Scope

To finish off my best UTG scopes reviews, here is a third dot sight. This is compact, feature-filled, and offered in two different models.

Robust build with features to match….

The Leapers UTG OP3 family of dot sights are built on the company’s TS (True Strength) platform. They are precision machined from hard-wearing 6061-T6 aluminum and come with shockproof/fog proof abilities. As for waterproofing, it has an IPX7 rating. This means it can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still function.

The proven build platform should tell shooters that the optic is ready to withstand changing environments and adverse weather conditions. Shooters have a choice of either a red dot or the more expensive green dot version. The red dot option will be reviewed next.

Micro Red Dot Sight – Reflex

This comes with a 4 MOA (Minute Of Angle) single dot reticle. The easy access, crisp adjustments come in 1 MOA click steps. It comes with a large lens that allows users a wider field of view. As for the unlimited eye relief offered, this allows for rapid target acquisition and transitions.

Powered by an included CR2032 3V battery, there are eight power intensity settings. These give flexibility to ensure image/surrounding clarity of view matches the changing environment and light conditions you are shooting in.

There is a 1-click illumination memory feature that, upon activation, takes you to the last power setting used. Another feature that helps with consistent functionality is the magnetized battery compartment. It works by reducing intermittent reticle illumination and flicker.

You can be sure that there will be no concerns regarding battery life. On the middle brightness setting, it will run for in excess of 55,000 hours!

Weapon compatibility comes thanks to the ‘Docter’!

As well as co-witnessing with most suppressor height sights, this UTG OP3 Micro red dot optic has a ‘Docter’ footprint! To save anyone heading down to the doctor’s office for an explanation, here’s what ‘Docter’ stands for…

It is one of the most widely used footprints for securing red dot sights. The straightforward design has two screw holes and four sockets. The pins on the mount/adapter are designed to fit one per corner.

When looking at weapon mounts, you will find a wide range that are compatible with this footprint. It is a major reason that so many manufacturers comply with this footprint design.

Just to clarify the name, you often see it as Docter/Noblex. This is because the German company, Docter Optics, was acquired by Noblex GmbH on 1st May 2016.


  • Built on the UTG True Strength Platform.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating.
  • 4 MOA single dot reticle (choice of red or green).
  • Large lens = Wider field of view.
  • Eight power intensity settings.
  • 1-click illumination memory feature.
  • 55,000+ hours of life.
  • Low profile Picatinny mounting base included.


  • Some QC control issues.
  • There are some complaints that the red dot is not effective in daylight.

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So, Which of These Best UTG Scopes Should You Buy?

Leapers Inc. began life as a ‘Garage’ project way back in 1992 and introduced their UTG brand in 2009. Consistent additions to their range of accessories (particularly optics) have seen them become firmly established in the firearms manufacturing world.

When it comes to the best scope by UTG for your needs, the one you choose should be based on the weapon you use, your shooting application, the general environment you will operate in, and an eye on cost. As for your budget, shooters will find that UTG optics are right up there when it comes to keen pricing.

In terms of best variable magnification scopes for rifle owners, the…

UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm Riflescope

…continues to be a big hit because it really does offer incredible value for money.

As for the best dot scopes, many shooters should look no further than their…

Leapers UTG – Golden Image 38mm (1.5-inch) Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral Weaver Mount

…that comes complete with an integral mount.

The bottom line is that UTG’s complete portfolio of weapon scope packages comes in at very appealing prices for what is offered. This makes them a solid choice for those new to scope use as well as the more experienced shooter looking for value.

Happy and safe shooting.

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