Top 5 Best Zeiss Rifle Scope In 2023 – Ultimate Reviews

When it comes to creating a rifle scope, one of the most important components is the glass. And for some of the most precisely cut and highest quality glass available, then look no further than what’s on offer from Zeiss.

This company provides glass for some of the most technologically advanced scientific equipment currently available. And luckily, they also happen to produce premium rifle scopes so shooters can take advantage of this amazing level of engineering and skill.

But while every Zeiss product is absolutely incredible, which is the best Zeiss rifle scope? I’ve put them to the test to find out.

About Zeiss Optics

Zeiss are pioneers in scientific optics who continue to challenge the limits of human information. As an internationally leading technology company, Zeiss operates in the optics and optoelectronics industries, shaping technological progress.

As a developer, producer, and distributor, Zeiss provides highly innovative solutions for a variety of fields. These include but are not limited to meteorology, quality assurance, life sciences, materials research, as well as medical research.

Synonymous with leading optics…

With such a fine pedigree, it’s little wonder that Zeiss optics have been sought after across many different optics industries. This includes use in lithography, eyeglass lenses, camera lenses, binoculars, and of course, rifle scopes.

With such a vast array of technical fields, Zeiss has been broken up into four segments. These include Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Quality & Research, Medical Technology, and where the rifle scopes fall – Consumer Markets.

Humble beginnings…

The Zeiss Group emerged from a workshop established by the company founder Carl Zeiss which produced precision mechanics and optics. This was located in the East German city of Jena in 1846. Today the headquarters are located in Oberkochen, Baden-Württemberg.

The company’s significant, sustainable investments in research and development lay the foundation for success. Zeiss technology continues to expand along with its market leadership with future growth areas, including digitalization, healthcare, and industry.

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Top 5 Best Zeiss Rifle Scope In 2023 Reviews

  1. Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12×44 – Most Affordable Zeiss Rifle Scope
  2. Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18×50 – Best Hunting Zeiss Rifle Scope
  3. Zeiss Victory V8 1-8×30 – Best Compact Zeiss Rifle Scope
  4. Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24×50 – Best Value Zeiss Rifle Scope
  5. Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35×60 – Best Long-Range Zeiss Rifle Scope

1 Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12×44 – Most Affordable Zeiss Rifle Scope

This best entry-level Zeiss Scope within the V4 range of rifle scopes was launched in 2018. And was designed as a lightweight performance-orientated product well-suited for demanding hunting and shooting applications.

The quality yet affordable design allows you to experience precise German engineering with a variable zoom range of between 3x and 12x magnification range. This can be viewed through an incredibly clear 44-millimeter objective lens for mid to long-range targeting.

Flexible mounting options…

No matter what type of rifle you possess, it’s quick and easy to mount this scope thanks to the single-piece 30-millimeter tube design. There are plenty of rings available for mounting, and even with the smaller diameter tube, there’s still 70 MOA of adjustment range available.

Each click made on the responsive capped turrets provides 0.25 MOA of adjustment for precise sighting and dialing. There’s also a zero stop feature ensuring that you’ll always be able to quickly and easily return to your designated zero.

Can withstand the elements…

As an effective hunting rifle scope, it must be durable and reliable. Thanks to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum for construction encasing the internal mechanics, shooters can experience shockproof performance.

The use of O-rings and nitrogen purging also offers waterproof and fog-proof qualities. This means that no matter what type of conditions you’re facing, you’ll always be provided with the best performance possible.

This is in no way the best budget Zeiss Scope, but it is as close as it gets in terms of price.


  • One of the most affordable products in the Zeiss range.
  • Can be mounted easily to almost any rifle.
  • Zero stop features make dialing for longer distances quick and easy.


  • Limited zoom range compared with more expensive options.
  • Acceptable eye relief of 3.5-inches (89-millimeters).

2 Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18×50 – Best Hunting Zeiss Rifle Scope

Another member of the Zeiss Conquest family is the V6 3-18×50 which is a versatile precision rifle scope. With a choice of turrets and reticles, there’s sure to be an option to suit your needs.

With a 6x variable zoom, range shooters can take advantage of between 3x and 18x magnification power. This enables clear and accurate targeting anywhere from close to long-range and anywhere in between.

Take your pick…

There are two turret versions available on this model, including either a hunting turret or the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) turret. Only the #6 reticle can be had with the hunting option, while the BDC has some further choices.

The #6 reticle is offered with the BDC turret, too, while there’s also the option of a ZBR-2 or Z-MOA2. Take your pick of clear and uncomplicated if you’re after speed, or multiple hash marks if absolute precision and accuracy is needed.

Parallax adjustment…

Moving up to the V6 model introduces parallax adjustment of between 50-yards and infinity. This ensures that reticle clarity is always matched to the impressive lens clarity at any magnification power in the zoom range.

With an incredible 92% light transmission capability, images are what you’d expect from a Zeiss product – bright, clear, highly contrasted, and amazingly detailed. This is enhanced further by the Zeiss Premium T-6 layer transmission coating.


  • Versatile and precise rifle scope.
  • Choice of turret and reticle styles.
  • Side parallax adjustment.


  • No reticle illumination is available.
  • Large jump up in price from the V4 models.

3 Zeiss Victory V8 1-8×30 – Best Compact Zeiss Rifle Scope

Premium quality glass and precise glass engineering are usually associated with long-range rifle scopes. But that doesn’t mean that those looking for a reliable, clear, and accurate compact scope have to miss out.

With a variable zoom range of between 1x and 8x magnification power, the Victory V8 1-8×30 is suited for tactical and 3-gun competitions. It is the perfect match for an AR-platform rifle and will provide next-level performance along with a bunch of useful features; in fact, it’s probably the best Zeiss Scope of ARs on the market.

Premium fit and finish…

The build quality will allow you to enjoy the colors and clarity of a Zeiss optic, along with a premium fit and finish in a compact build. It measures only 12-inches (305-millimeters) and weighs just 21-ounces (595-grams) without sacrificing on quality or performance.

With true 1x magnification, shooters can acquire targets with speed, keeping both eyes open maintaining situational awareness. It’s then possible to increase magnification all the way to 8x power while maintaining crystal clear image quality.

Eye catching…

The Plex-Style reticle has the center dot illuminated in red using LED technology. This naturally draws the shooter’s eye to the center of the reticle for impressively fast and accurate shooting capabilities.

Unlike many other compact rifle scopes in this category, the V8 offers 0.33 MOA of adjustment per click. This allows for a level of precision and accuracy beyond what most of the competition is capable of.


  • Zeiss quality and clarity in a compact package.
  • Perfect match for AR-platform rifles.
  • Precise 0.33 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment.


  • Premium products command a premium price tag.
  • Battery life is adequate but not amazing.

4 Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24×50 – Best Value Zeiss Rifle Scope

I’ve included another product from the Zeiss Conquest V4 range in my Best Zeiss Rifle Scope Review due to its accessibility to most shooters. It offers long-range capabilities along with renowned levels of light transmission and clarity without significantly lightening your wallet.

A variable zoom range of between 6x and 24x magnification power provides accurate mid to long-range targeting. As always, the German-engineered optics are wrapped in a tried and true rugged body that can take whatever’s thrown at it.

It just clicks…

Making adjustments with the V4 by using the ergonomically friendly turrets feels great. Each movement is solid and crisp with 0.25 MOA of adjustment per click, making it possible to zero in and make compensations precisely.

Each of these Zeiss rifle scopes is tested by being vibrated in different directions continuously for 90-minutes. Even after enduring this shock test, all of the settings remained unchanged, so it’s fully prepared for being transported in the back of a truck or navigating terrain on foot.

Ready in any condition…

To ensure you can enjoy detail, contrast, and clarity at any magnification level and in any weather conditions, Zeiss developed LotuTec. This is a lens coating that helps to achieve 90% light transmission and even repels moisture.

To keep things simple, the reticle is a ZMOAi-1 design which is a basic crosshair with an illuminated center dot. There are also three other non-illuminated options, including a basic Z-Plex, or two detailed ballistics choices of either ZMOA-T30 or ZBR-2.

Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Affordable, high-quality ultra-long-range rifle scope.
  • Durable enough to take with you on any adventure.
  • Choice of reticles, including an illuminated option.


  • Some might find the knobs a little stiff.
  • Plastic turret caps can be easily misthreaded.

5 Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35×60 – Best Long-Range Zeiss Rifle Scope

This is the most powerful Zeiss scope in the range and offers incredible ultra-long-range performance. This will make every hunt a successful and rewarding experience using the perfect tool for the job.

You can also lead the pack during long-range competitive shoots thanks to the reliable, clear, and accurate performance. With a variable zoom range of between 4.8x and an amazing 35x magnification power, see further and clearer. In fact, it’s one of the Best Zeiss Competition Scopes you can buy.

Amazing image clarity…

Using the Zeiss Ultra-FL Concept uses several SCHOTT fluoride glass elements. The result is absolute color fidelity, brightness, and clarity. This ensures shooters experience the finest details in all types of conditions throughout the entire zoom range.

At the center of the lens is an incredibly bright and ultra-fine red LED illuminated dot which is only a fraction of the thickness of a human hair. This gives shooters pure precision for even the smallest targets at the greatest distances.

Long-range ballistics turrets…

The Zeiss V8 contains ASV long-range ballistics turrets that are lockable with ten interchangeable rings. Fitted upon purchase is a standard ring with 0-100 click marks (0-10mils), with the remaining nine being suitable for various calibers and trajectory combinations.

A handy inclusion is a simple and intuitive multifunction illumination control button. Its operation is fast and silent and can even be easily used when wearing gloves. There’s also an automatic system that detects movement turning the system on and off for energy efficiency.

Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35x60
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Most powerful product in the Zeiss rifle scope range.
  • World’s finest illuminated center red dot.
  • Amazing levels of image clarity.


  • Not the most affordable option.
  • Most other optics will appear inferior after experiencing a Zeiss.

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So, What is The Best Zeiss Rifle Scope?

Every one of these products is truly remarkable. However, there can only be one which is the very best, making it a tough decision. I’ve considered capabilities, versatility, features, and value when making my decision, and the best Zeiss scope, in my opinion, is the…

Conquest V6 3-18×50

This is quite simply a beautiful optic that provides clinical levels of clarity with rugged and durable construction. It offers the most versatility and is easily the best performer within this class of rifle scopes, making it a great value option. Highly recommended.

Happy and safe shooting.

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