Burris AR-332 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight Review

Prism scope technology is still reasonably new to the market. It is essentially a hybrid between a traditional scope and a red dot. The name comes from using a glass prism in place of the series of lenses found in traditional scopes.

The Burris AR-332 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight appears to be a great value entry to mid-level optic. It would be well suited to both range and hunting applications for shooters that appreciate quality on a budget.

Is the AR-332 the best deal in this class?

I’ve taken a closer look at what’s on offer to find out in my in-depth Burris AR-332 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight review.

burris ar-332 3x32mm prism red dot sight review

What is a Prism Scope?

The simplest way to explain how a prism scope works is to compare it with a traditional lens scope. Traditional rifle scopes work in a similar way to a telescope, in that a series of lenses are used to focus light into a particular place.

There are two main lenses on a traditional scope. The one that is closest to the barrel is called an objective lens and is larger. At the other end, closer to the eye, is what’s called the ocular lens. When light passes through the objective lens, it is focused to a point inside the scope. When looking through the ocular lens, that focus point is magnified.

Compact performance…

Prism scopes function much in the same way; only it uses a glass prism to focus the light instead of multiple lenses. This means that the optic can be much more compact in size. Most prism sights will also have an etched and illuminated reticle.

burris ar-332 3x32mm prism red dot sight

When the term “red dot sight” is used, it is actually a fairly broad term and can refer to a variety of products. A red dot sight can be any optic that uses an illuminated red dot as an aiming point. There are two main categories red dot sights fall into.

Reflex vs. Prism…

Most commonly, when people mention red dot sights, they are referring to a reflex sight. There are many different types of reflex sights, but they all share a common design. They will have a lens pane that displays a battery-operated red or green dot.

The main difference between the two is that the prism sight will usually offer magnification and possess eye relief. Magnification is usually low, commonly between 2x and 5x. Eye relief means how far your eye needs to be from the ocular lens for the image to be visible.

Solid Construction

Designed specifically for AR-15 rifles, the scope can easily be mounted on top of an AR carry handle. It comes with an integrated lens cover for added protection between use and a 1.5-inch sunshade for improved performance on bright days.

The last thing any shooter wants to do is spend unnecessary time and ammo on zeroing in a scope. Luckily the AR-332 offers some of the fastest zeroing out there. In fact, it only takes on average 10 to 15 rounds to have it perfectly dialed.

Will take on almost any condition…

Another great thing about this Burris red dot prism scope is that once you’re zeroed in, it stays there. It will continuously hold your settings even after an accidental hard drop or pushing your way through the scrub while hunting.

Using an O-ring seal and being nitrogen purged also means that this scope is water, dust, and fog-resistant. No matter if it’s cold or wet, you can continue the hunt. Being constructed from hard-anodized aluminum makes this optic tough enough to handle almost any condition.

This capped it off…

How many times have you lost a turret cap from one of your scopes? Especially during those colder months when gloves are required. All it takes is a clumsy pair of fingers to drop one only to be instantly camouflaged into the ground below, never to be seen again.

Burris provides such a simple and effective solution to this issue on the AR-332. The turret caps are tethered to the scope using a thin piece of wire cable. I’m certain Paracetamol shares have plummeted due to the reduction in headaches as a result of this.

Precision Optics and Reticle

The glass used for each lens is crystal clear and features Hi-Lume multi-coating. Having the lenses coated offers two main functions. Glare is reduced therefore increasing the level of light transmission. It also protects the glass from dust, dirt, smudges, and smears.

That’s not the only thing that’s pleasing to the eye on this scope. Some people refer to the reticle as “The Glowing Donut.” That is because of how easy the thick ring is to identify through the scope while not interfering with target acquisition.

the burris ar-332 3x32mm prism red dot sight

Sight for sore eyes…

A great advantage offered over red dot reflex sights is the black etched reticle. The illumination has a run time of a few months. If you happen to run out of battery while out on a hunt, you can still make use of it during daylight hours.

Built-in to the reticle design is also a BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator), allowing accurate long-range shots. It is possible to line up targets between 500-600-yards (457-548-meters) away. There are a series of dots that can be used to represent a particular range.

What a bright idea…

Adjusting the brightness on reticles with other scopes can be a slow and frustrating experience. Burris has solved this issue by engineering a rotary 10-position power selector that allows instant illumination and color selection.

No matter what the lighting conditions, or how the weather changes while you’re out on a hunt, you can quickly adapt. Never watch your target disappear into the wilderness while you’re fiddling with your settings ever again.


As the name suggests, Burris’ AR-332 3x32mm has fixed magnification at 3x and an objective lens diameter of 32mm. Within the scope is an etched Ballistic CQ reticle that can be illuminated in either red or green.

There are ten brightness settings, with both the color and brightness being controlled using a power selector dial. Making adjustments to the reticle are made in MOA, with each click providing a 0.5 MOA adjustment value.

What a relief…

Eye relief for the scope is 2.5-inches (6.35-centimeters) which is a comfortable distance from being mounted to the AR carry handle. FOV (Field of View) is 32-feet at 100-yards (975-centimeters at 91-meters).

The scope measures 5.29-inches (13.44-centimeters) and weighs 14.2-ounces (403-grams). Power is supplied by a single CR2032 battery. Mounting is done using a Picatinny rail with a Burris AR-QD quick detachable mount included.


This really is an incredible-looking scope, and it will make your AR-15 look awesome. First impressions are that this thing is built to last. It feels strong and durable, giving plenty of confidence to take the occasional and inevitable knocks and drops that come with hunting.

For a red dot sight, it is on the larger and heavier side, and it will be noticeable when mounted to your rifle. Just a heads up that this sight is only compatible with Picatinny rails, so sorry to anyone with a Weaver-style fitted.

the burris ar-332 3x32mm prism red dot sight tip

Still versatile…

Even though this sight has been designed for an AR-15, it can still be mounted to any standard flat-top rifle. Make sure you use a torque wrench when mounting, though; otherwise, there’s a chance of having your reticle will lean towards the left.

Once successfully mounted, this really is one of the easiest scopes to zero in, and it can be achieved using minimal rounds. Programming the scope is another simple process with an intuitive user interface that can be learned in no time at all.

Burris has your back…

Both the components and workmanship has a fully transferable lifetime warranty from Burris. This should really give you an idea of how much faith they have in their products. They take this promise seriously too.

If you should encounter any issues at all with your scope, just send it to the team. Burris will either fix or replace your scope free of charge. Not that you should ever need it, because this scope really is built solidly enough to last a lifetime.

Burris AR-332 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight Pros & Cons


  • Clear optics with accurate vision and Hi-Lume multi-coating.
  • Awesome “Glowing Donut” reticle for simple target acquisition.
  • Easily change color and brightness with the 10-position power selector.
  • Excellent battery life offers months of run-time.
  • Solid aircraft-grade anodized aluminum construction.


  • Short eye relief at only 2.5-inches (6.35-centimeters).
  • Field of view is narrower than other competitors.
  • Larger and heavier than other comparable scopes.

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Any hunter using an AR-15 and looking for a budget-friendly, accurate, and high-performance optic should seriously consider this scope. The slightly larger size and weight can easily be forgiven due to the solid performance and usable features.

It is built tough and can handle the great outdoors with ease, and is suitable for use in all lighting and weather conditions. Zeroing in is fast and simple, with your settings remaining locked in solid.

In fact, it would be a difficult task to find any other product that can match the value and performance offered by the Burris AR-332 3x32mm prism red dot scope.

Happy and safe shooting.

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