Simmons 22 MAG 3-9X32 Rimfire Rifle Scope Review

I think that subconsciously, somewhere in the minds of all shooters, there is a love and appreciation for the humble .22 cartridge and rifle. The .22 is a historical icon, one that has formed the foundation for many shooting sports.

If you are reading this review, then the chances are pretty good that you are familiar with the .22 cartridges, as well as the various rifles like the Ruger and the scopes that have been used with it. Therefore, in this Simmons 22 MAG 3-9X32 Rimfire Rifle Scope review, I’ll be highlighting the key features to find out if it’s another key ingredient for your .22 rifle setup.

Together we will dive deep into the functionality, evolution of technology, and whether or not you should add this scope to your shopping list.

So, let’s see if Simmons has lived up to its reputation…

simmons 22 mag 3 9x32 rimfire rifle scope

Who is Simmons?

If you are in the market for good quality, reliable and rugged scopes at reasonable prices, then Simmons is the brand for you. There’s a Simmons scope for any type of hunting application, and they are always evolving and bringing out better scopes year on year.

Simmons started in 1983 and has been one of the go-to rifle scopes for sportsmen and hunters alike. Their scopes are well-known for their impeccable reliability and ruggedness, often outlasting and out-hunting other competitors in its class. They also have their own range of highly dependable and innovative rangefinders and binoculars for daytime hunters and shooters.

Built to last, it’s no surprise that the optics from this company are trusted by so many. If I had to put it in terms of car manufacturers, then Simmons would be the Toyota of optics.

The Simmons 22 MAG 3-9X32 Rimfire Rifle Scope

What happens when you take the traditional American rimfire scope and add the newest technology? Does it live up to its promises to be a sure-fire hit? Or is it a miss?

And just so you know, the reason why I keep using ‘recipe’ is because the art of long-range .22 shooting is a simple one, one that has been perfected in terms of gear. Trying to make the .22 riflescope better is like trying to improve a lasagna recipe; whatever you change and do has to be very special in order to make it better.

Luckily for us, Simmons has brought some extra flavor to the table. With added innovative features like TrueZero adjustment and weatherproof lenses, in fact, they might have actually made the traditional American rimfire rifle scope a little or a lot better.

What Features Does This Rifle Scope Have?

TrueZero Adjustment System

The Simmons 22 MAG comes with an innovative spring detent and ball bearing system that relays firm and audible clicks. This helps you feel more comfortable knowing that the settings are correct and repeatable.

Waterproof in any weather conditions as well as impervious to wear and tear. This trusted system instills confidence in its robust ability to hold zero hunt after hunt regardless of the number of shots taken, even on high-caliber rifles like the .375 magnum rifle.

the simmons 22 mag 3 9x32 rimfire rifle scope

Another improvement is that there are no traditional leaf spring adjustments. This means there is more tube space giving this scope 17% more windage and elevation travel.

Quick Target Acquisition Eyepiece

The Simmons 22 MAG 2-9X32 rimfire rifle scope comes with a wider eyepiece that has been dubbed the quick target acquisition eyepiece or QTA. This puts less strain on your eyes, which gives you faster and more reliable target acquisition.

The QTA eyepiece is the largest in its class. And with the aforementioned excellent eye relief, you are safer regardless of the recoil of the rife you are using.

I would definitely call that an improvement on the original recipe.

HydroShield Lens Coating

Whether you hunt in sunshine or rain, the HydroShield lens coating from Simmons maintains a crystal clear sight picture regardless of weather conditions. All their scopes are nitrogen-purged to help make them 100% fog proof as well as waterproof.

High-quality Optical Glass and Main Tube Structure

Advancements in optical glass and clever design have never been more evident than with the Simmons 22 MAG. The scopes are also built with 30% fewer parts due the main tube is made from one solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum.

And as we all know, the fewer parts inside a scope, the better, meaning less can go wrong and a longer life.

the simmons 22 mag 3 9x32 rimfire rifle scope review

SureGrip Rubber Surfaces

Simmons has also included SureGrip rubber surfaces, which makes it one of the easiest scopes to adjust under any shooting conditions. This is a high-quality feature, not often found on scopes in this price range, yet another bonus if you ask me.

Simmons 22 MAG 3-9X32 Rimfire Rifle Scope Pros & Cons


  • Good quality rim scope.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Reliability.
  • It does the job, and then some.
  • Smooth and clear magnification.
  • Holds zero very well


  • The mounts included could be better.

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Simmons has really given us a little gem, with that magical ingredient that just makes everything better. Some chefs search their whole lives for the perfect ingredient to complete a dish; however, it is rare to find it prebuilt and ready to bolt on.

The Simmons 22 MAG 2-9X32 rimfire rifle scope is not a must-have; you will still be able to do the same with your old .22 setup. However, it can make it a whole lot better. Let me explain why.

Remember the lasagna? In its base form, it’s already pretty delicious. If it was even more delicious, we might eat it every day till we roll over. Well, this scope is that missing ingredient, the one that makes you fall even more in love with your .22 rifle and the sports that you chose.

Happy and safe shooting!

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