Have The Vortex Diamondback HP Scopes Been Discontinued?

Over the past few months, a number of people have asked me a lot of questions about the Diamond HP range of Vortex Scopes. These have included where can I find a Diamondback HP scope, how good are they, how do they compare to other models in the Vortex range, etc.

But, the question that I’ve easily been asked the most is… Have the Vortex Diamondback HP scopes been discontinued?

So, let’s take a closer look and find out…

Before I start to answer that question, let’s take a quick look at the Diamondback HP scope range of scopes. Vortex introduced the HP series at the 2014 SHOT show, and it was designed to be an improvement on the standard Diamondback scope series. It came with the following features:

  • Higher quality optics.
  • Parallax that adjusted all the way down to 20 or 30 yards.
  • Side focus.
  • Better eye relief.
  • Wider field of view.

Plenty of choice…

It was offered in three configurations, the base Diamondback HP 2-8×32 and two models with a larger 42mm lens, the Diamondback HP 3-12×42, and the Diamondback HP 4-16×42.

All versions featured a 1-inch tube, a second focal plane reticle, with a weight and length of 15.9 ounces and 11.6 inches, and 18 ounces and 12.5 inches for the two 42mm scopes. The Field of View was 41.9 Ft @ 100 Yards, 28.8 Ft @ 100 Yards, and 23.8 Ft @ 100 yards for the three.

As with the standard Diamondback scopes, the HP models featured the Vortex Dead-Hold BDC reticle or the Vortex V-Plex reticle.

So, let’s get back to the original question of…

have the vortex diamondback hp scopes been discontinued

Have The Vortex Diamondback HP Scopes Been Discontinued?

Well, quite simply, yes, they have. Vortex decided to stop producing the Diamondback HP range at the end of 2018 and sold all their remaining inventory to high volume Vortex dealers.

As you would expect, all of those are now sold, so unless you want a second-hand option, you’ll be out of luck. And let’s be honest, a second-hand scope with no warranty and no idea who or how it has been used is usually best avoided.

Now that’s covered, let’s answer some of the other questions I am regularly asked about this range of scopes, before moving on to give you my suggestions for a suitable replacement.

Vortex Diamondback HP FAQ’s

Shooters know that the glass on the Vortex HP was better than on the basic Diamondbacks, but how much better?

This is very hard to answer because ‘better’ is a personal opinion. I also have to mention that the glass on the standard Diamondbacks is in no way ‘bad.’ However, when they are compared side by side, the optical quality of the HP scopes is significantly brighter and clearer, especially at higher magnifications.

Can I find a Vortex Diamondback HP for sale somewhere?

As mentioned, a number of years have passed since this model was discontinued, and I, therefore, think it would be very difficult to find a brand new for sale these days. But, if you’ve decided that this is the scope for you, it’s worth a look, maybe a store had some put-away and forgot about them? But I really wouldn’t get your hopes up.

have vortex diamondback hp scopes been discontinued

Why were the Diamondback HP scopes discontinued?

Well, I’m not 100% sure of this, but it seems to be a combination of two factors. Firstly, because the standard Diamondback scopes were cheaper, they sold better than the HP models. Also, it seems that the production cost of the HP series increased over time, making them less profitable, leading to them being discontinued.

Is Vortex still honoring the warranty on a Diamondback HP rifle scope?

The answer is a definite yes; Vortex has one of the best warranties in the scope industry. However, if you do send a Diamondback HP in for warranty repair, and unfortunately Vortex cannot repair it, then they will most likely offer you a credit against a replacement scope or the standard Diamondback or Crossfire II scope as a replacement.

Where were the Diamondback HP scopes manufactured?

Like many of the Vortex scopes, the Diamondback HP scopes were made in China.

Let’s now get more up-to-date and compare the…

Vortex Crossfire II vs. Vortex Diamondback HP

The Vortex Crossfire II is available in a range of 13 models that start with 1-4×24 magnification and max out at 6-24×50. This compares with only three for the Diamondback HP.

The Crossfire II is available in both one-inch and 30mm versions; the Diamondback Hp was only one-inch. As for reticle Options, the Crossfire II is available with Deadhold BDC and V-Plex, as was the Diamondback HP.

Very Similar Specifications

In terms of parallax Adjustment and range, the Crossfire II features an Adjustable Objective and 10-20 yeards to Infinity. While the Diamondback HP had Side Focus and 20-30 yeards to Infinity. The eye relief for the Crossfire II is 3.4″ – 4″, while the Diamondback HP had better eye relief of 4″ – 4.6″.

They both come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made in China.

Now, let’s compare the features, starting with the…

have vortex diamondback hp been discontinued

Glass Quality

The Diamondback HP features better glass than the Crossfire II.

Magnification Range

The Crossfire II range offers a more extensive and also a higher range of magnification. The Diamondback HP will max out with a 4-16×42 model, while the Crossfire II has up to a 6-24×50 model.


The Crossfire II and Diamondback HP both share the same reticle options, as mentioned, the Dead Hold BDC and the V-Plex. However, the Crossfire II is the only one with an illuminated reticle option.

have vortex diamondback hp scope been discontinued


The Crossfire II uses an adjustable objective to adjust the parallax, while the HP’s have a side focus. In my opinion, the advantage goes to the side focus of the HP scopes.


When they were available, the Diamondback HP scopes were more expensive than the Crossfire II range. However, considering the upgraded glass and features, you would expect that.


All-in-all, it’s fair to say that the Diamond HP was a better scope than the current Crossfire II. However, the Crossfire II is no slouch and is one of the best-selling affordable scopes on the market. And that many shooters simply can’t be wrong!

Also, if you need a higher magnification than 4-16x or an illuminated reticle, then the Diamondback HP would not have been much use anyway, so far better to stick with the good old Crossfire II.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our in-depth Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Review.

Vortex Diamondback HP vs. Vortex Diamondback Tactical

These Vortex scopes were designed for different uses. The Diamondback HP was a hunting and general shooting scope, while the Diamondback Tactical scopes are designed for long-range and tactical shooting.

Two of the Diamondback Tactical scope models are first focal plane as compared to the SFP of the HP.

Much higher magnification…

The Tactical has increased power ranges when compared with the HP, with 4-12×40 (SFP), 4-16×44 (FFP), and 6-24×50 (FFP). The FFP models feature a 30mm tube, while the one SFP model has a 1-inch tube. The Tactical also has completely different reticle options, with the EBR-2C MOA, the EBR-2C MRAD, and the VMR-1 MOA being available for the 4-12 scope only.

They both feature side focus parallax adjustment, with the adjustment range being 20-30 yards to infinity for the HP, and 10 yards for the FFP, and 100 yards for the SFP Tactical scopes. The eye relief is very similar at around 4″.

Again, they both come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made in China.

have the vortex diamondback hp scope been discontinued


Since these are predominantly First Focal Plane scopes as opposed to the SFP of the Diamondback HP, if you prefer that reticle system, they are a better option. Plus, if you need higher magnification than 4-16x, then the Tactical range offers far better options.

However, neither offers an illuminated reticle, so you’re back to the Crossfire II if you want one of those.

As I mentioned, these two scopes were designed for different uses, so comparing them is difficult, but since the Diamondback HP is no longer with us, it was worth doing. If you were given a choice, the HP would still be the better option for hunting and general use, but if you need a longer range scope, then the Vortex Tactical is an excellent option and highly recommended.

Still Not Found The Scope You’re Looking for?

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Final Thoughts

Well, as we now know, yes, they are discontinued. Therefore, if this is the scope you’re after, I’m afraid unless you are happy buying a second-hand option, you will be better off getting one of my other suggestions.

In terms of my personal favorite replacement model, I would go for the…

Vortex Crossfire II

It’s reliable, has a quality single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum body, features a choice of reticles, is fog and weatherproof, and is suitable for all levels of experience. But most importantly, it’s easily one of the best value for the money rifle scopes on the market, considering the quality of the sight picture compared with its very affordable price.

Happy and safe shooting.

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