Top 8 Best Glock 43 Sights For The Money In 2023 Reviews

When discussing quality handguns, Glock needs no introduction. Take this a step further in terms of model popularity, and the Glock 43 takes some beating.

This single stack handgun is the smallest 9mm in the Glock family. It also has a specific purpose. Forget hunting or plinking; this pistol is built for personal protection.

With practice, it can certainly give you the advantage in any emergency situation. However, there is a way to further tilt the odds in your favor. That is by attaching one of the best Glock 43 sights currently on the market to it.

So, here are 8 quality tritium sights that will help increase image view, enhance accuracy and allow you to get faster follow-up shots off, starting with the…

best glock 43 sight

Top 8 Best Glock 43 Sights In 2023 Reviews

1 TRUGLO Tritium Green Gun Night Sight – Tool Combos Available – Most Popular Glock 43 Sight

If the popularity of a sight is something you go by, then this Truglo model is a best seller.

Ease of day to night transition

Truglo’s well-built tritium Glock sight is designed to fit your 43 and 43x model handgun. Made from robust alloy steel, it has a snag-free design. This means no danger of snagging if you need to draw quickly.

The quality Swiss tritium used for lighting purposes does not need batteries. This means no chance of failure when you most need it. During the day, you have the standard white aiming dot to guide you. As darkness closes in, this automatically transitions to glowing green for clear night vision aiming. Shooters can be assured this sight is ready for action 24/7.

It has a well-thought-out design that maintains factory sight radius and will fit all standard holsters designed to hold Glocks. To assist further in any emergency situation you find yourself in, it has an angled rear sight edge that allows shooters one-handed operation.

TRUGLO Tritium Green Gun Night Sight
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Very popular Truglo Glock 43 sight.
  • Solid, snag-free design.
  • 24/7 use. Day – White / Night – Green.
  • Glowing aiming point in low-light.


  • Recommended gunsmith install.

2 Glock 43 – Factory Night Sight Set – Best OEM Glock 43 Sight

Many Glock owners will be surprised that Glock actually makes some really good pistol sights. It is just that they put standard sights on their range of handguns! To up your target acquisition speeds and accuracy, here is an OEM model from Glock themselves.

Straightforward quality design!

The rugged build of this quality sight means it should see you through many years of use. Because the height and design of conventional Glock sights remains the same, it is ultra-easy to install on your Glock 43; in fact, it is probably the easiest to install Glock 43 sight that you can buy.

This is a straightforward screw-in type of front sight that sits very securely on your pistol. Once installed, you will find the front sight and the 6.5 mm high rear sights work in tandem. This will help you quickly acquire targets and shoot with accuracy.

3-Dot aiming system…

It achieves sight acquisition through the use of a 3-Dot aiming system; 2 rear and 1 front illumination points. You can then add to this a contrasting white ring. The end result is that during daylight hours, you benefit from the white glow; at night, the tritium green glow.

Glock 43 - Factory Night Sight Set
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Rugged build.
  • Glock OEM quality.
  • Specifically designed for an exact fit.
  • Clarity day and night.


  • Moving up the price ladder.

3 XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight for Glock Pistols – Most Durable Glock 43 Sight

XS Sights have been in the night optic business for over 20 years. This DXT2 Big Dot night sight is the second generation of a design that has proved popular.

Front and Rear self-illumination

CNC machined from steel bar stock and then blued for rust resistance, this Texas-built scope is as robust as they come. The design allows it to fit in the majority of Glock 43 compatible holsters. There will be no concealed draw hindrance as this quality sight has no sharp edges on which to snag.

The sight comes with self-illuminating tritium vials in both the front and rear sight. It is also equipped with phot luminescent Glow Dot technology. In bright light, this offers a high-contrast sight picture, it absorbs ambient light and also glows in low light.

Because of the way these two glowing features are paired, it gives you a significant tactical advantage. During any low-light encounters, the front sight is more visible and glows brighter than the rear sight.

Big Dots…

There is a reason these are termed ‘Big Dots.’ They measure in at 0.188-inches which makes them the biggest Glock 43 front sight currently available. Regardless of having to shoot in daylight or low light, it is the increased surface area that makes the dot brighter. This not only speeds up front sight acquisition, but it is also effective if your eyesight is not as good as it used to be.

While on the topic of eyesight, shooters can choose between yellow or orange color options. The yellow choice glows the strongest while orange contrasts when shooting in bright light. The in-line sight picture of either color allows natural sight alignment while also increasing your down-range field of view. On top of this, the reduced number of alignment points helps reduce eye stress.

Simple to install…

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the included front sight install tool. It fits the front sight screw perfectly, meaning there is no need for other tools. To install, simply unscrew the original Glock front sight, add a dab of the included red threadlocker, and tighten.

XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight for Glock Pistols
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Gen 2 version.
  • Very solid build – Long guarantee.
  • Big dot helps clarity of target view.
  • Ease of install.


  • Expensive.
  • Some negative comments re. accurate target alignment.

4 Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Set For Glock 43 – Fastest Glock 43 Sight

When it comes to delivering the best Glock 43 sights, Ameriglo are right up there. This is the first of two models to be reviewed.

What’s with the name?

The Hackathorn name comes from the guy who designed these sights and certainly knows what effective self-defense means. The legendary firearms Ken Hackathorn has experience training U.S. Army Special Forces, the FBI, police departments, and civilians.

If this robust sight fits your shooting style, it is worthy of serious consideration. The individuality of design comes from the fact that the focus is mainly on the orange glow front sight. The plain black rear sight is serrated in order to reduce glare.

Quick as a flash…

In short, if you can see the front sight, you can hit the target. What you get is no aiming distraction and rapid target acquisition.

The high visibility front sight is very effective both day and night. During daylight, you focus on a large, easy to see orange center. In low-light conditions, the tritium vial glows brightly.


  • Designed by a serious self-defense expert.
  • Solid build.
  • Concentrates on front sight accuracy.
  • Good for daylight/low-light use.


  • This effective style of shooting is not for all.

5 Trijicon HD Night Sights – Orange Front Outline – For Glock 42, 43 – Most Reliable Glock 43 Sight

Trijicon are renowned for their durable, effective weapon sights. And here’s one for your Glock 43.

A design that makes target focus clear…

These Trijicon HD Night Sights have been designed for tactical shooters and those emergency self-defense situations. They come with a highly visible, wide phot luminescent paint strip surrounding the front sight. Then choose between either orange or yellow tritium. Either color allows for increased visibility and rapid target acquisition during the day or in low-light.

Each tritium lamp has been capped with a sapphire jewel. This works to evenly distribute light from the lamp and protect the sight from solvents and any punctures. Further protection to ensure long-life use comes from an included silicone rubber cushion. It gives added shock protection to the tritium-filled glass lamps that sit within the aluminum housing.

All in one hand…

The rear U Notch sight has been specifically designed to enhance front sight acquisition. It also comes with a user angled, horizontal serrations design. This makes one-handed slide operation achievable.

The front blade height is 0.215-inches, while the rear blade height comes in at 0.201-inches. As for installation, Trijicon does recommend using a professional gunsmith. Having said that, those with handgun maintenance/accessory install experience can achieve this at home.

Those looking for a solidly built, reliable Glock 43 sight are certainly in the right place.


  • Trijicon’s renowned quality.
  • U Notch rear sight design.
  • Speedy target acquisition.
  • Will last a long time.
  • One-handed slide operation possible.


  • Quality costs – but worth it!

6 Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Glock Handguns and Pistols – Most Effective Glock 43 Sight

Meprolight won’t leave handgun owners wanting. They offer a really wide-range of sights for all major handgun models. So, here’s one that is a very good fit for your Glock 43.

Never mind the weather!

This optic has been designed to operate in all weather conditions, day and night. The company states that they have over 4.5 million sight models sold. That should tell you something about how popular these robust sights are.

Ease of mount/dismount is yours from a tritium and fiber optic sight that is maintenance free. It comes with 3 solid dots that give an intuitive, easy to use aiming reference. You get good contrast from the orange rear and front green illumination. Of a compact design, this hard-wearing, lightweight sight will ensure you can handle your Glock 43 exactly as you wish.

Always at the ready…

Because tritium is a self-illuminating light source, there are no switches or batteries to concern yourself with. Draw your weapon, and you are ready to effectively defend yourself day or night.

Meprolight’s handgun sights are used and trusted by law enforcement officers and military personnel. Tests carried out by marksmen have shown an increase of more than 85% when it comes to hit capability. Add to this a very comprehensive global warranty. The end result? One of the best Glock 43 sights currently on the market.


  • Very popular handgun sight.
  • Models to fit every type of Glock.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lightweight = ease of weapon handling.
  • Tested to increase hit probability.
  • Proactive customer service.


  • Some brightness QC issues, but as mentioned, an excellent customer service department.

7 Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sights – Glock Compatible – Brightest Glock 43 Sight

You may not have heard of Night Fision, but the U.S. Military certainly has. It is Night Fision’s sister company, Cammenga, who are the official manufacturer of the U.S. Army’s Tritium Lensatic compass.

All-American made…

Night Fision have over 25 years of experience when it comes to using tritium in optics. Their in-depth expertise means they now deliver the brightest night sights in the world.

They use a military-grade polymer ring design with all gun sight bodies CNC-machined from top-quality steel. A black nitride coating is then used to improve wear, tear, and corrosion resistance.

The perfect fit…

Handgun owners will find the Night Fision sights are designed to be true OEM replacements for original sights. There is a choice of yellow or orange front post illumination. This allows consistent delivery of enhanced brightness with 30% more tritium included than competitor models. The end result gives users superior accuracy whether used in low-light or complete darkness.

These all American-made sights are in the upper price bracket of those reviewed. Having said that, the initial investment must be seen as worthwhile. This is because, along with increased brightness, you will not be looking at a replacement sight anytime soon. The Night Fision tritium lamps offer an industry best 16 year illumination guarantee! This is, without doubt, the longest in the aftermarket gun sight world.

Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sights
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Long experience in the optic world.
  • Quality CNC machined.
  • 30% more tritium used than other competitors.
  • Bright whether used in low-light or complete darkness.
  • 16 year illumination guarantee = Industry best.


  • On the expensive side for some.

8 AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot Green with Orange Outline Sight Set – Easiest To Use Glock 43 Sight

It is back over to AmeriGlo for the last Glock 43 sight review and a look at their GL-205 model.

Simple front sight acquisition…

Regular practice of handgun drills is an absolute must if you are to become confident and proficient in weapon use. However, the pressure an emergency defense situation brings is a very different thing.

This is where the AmeriGlo I-dot night sight set comes in with simplicity of operation. It allows users to easily acquire the front sight while rear illumination is retained.

Effective, day or night…

The tough-wearing steel sight has a polymer finish and a very straightforward design. It comes with a green tritium insert on the front sight and a rear green tritium insert with orange outline (centered below the notch). Also included is a white photoluminescent feature that allows clear target aim if daytime use is required. This sight is effective in any light conditions.

It differs from traditional 3-dot sight design in that shooters simply place the front dot on their target and pull the trigger. The result is rapid target acquisition, and with a steady aim, shot accuracy.

AmeriGlo Tritium I-Dot Green with Orange Outline Sight Set
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Rapid sight and target acquisition.
  • Effective in all light conditions.
  • Popular straightforward design/use.
  • Fairly easy to install.
  • Acceptable price.


  • None if it suits your shooting style.

Best Glock 43 Sights Buyers Guide

Glock 43 owners already know how easy their weapon is to conceal carry and how effective this single-stack handgun can be. The one improvement that many comment on relates to the factory-installed sights and how these could be improved. The simple answer is to install one of the many aftermarket sight models available for this popular weapon.

So, here are five pointers that will help speed up your research and land you a Glock 43 sight to fit your shooting style.

You Need a Robust, Durable Build

It is a fact that many Glock 43 owners do not leave home without their trusted handgun. This is because they are very easily concealed and, with the right holster, comfortable to carry.

While this is an obvious plus, it does mean constant wear and tear on accessories such as an aftermarket sight. With that in mind, it is essential you choose a sight for your Glock 43 that is built to last. One that will perform to the highest level when required.

Quality CNC-machined steel sights are an excellent choice, and some designs are as tough as your handgun. It also pays to look at such sights that have been built to the same OEM specs as your Glock 43 handgun. This makes for easier installation, a firmer fit, and a clear, fast sight acquisition.

best glock 43 sights

Dot – Day / Night Use

Manufacturers offer these sights with a variety of dot colors. But before deciding on illumination color, take these considerations into account:

When are you out and about on business and pleasure? Only during the day? Mostly at night? Or, as most will find, a mixture of both? By the very nature of your movements, it is likely there will be times you are out in daylight, low-light, and even complete darkness.

What is most important is to choose the sight that best suits your activity. In reality, for the vast majority of Glock 43 carriers, it makes absolute sense to have a sight that offers both a daytime and a nighttime operation mode. Because we all know that emergency situations do not just happen after nightfall, this will surely help reduce any anxiety.

You then Need to Decide on Which Sighting System Suits Your Shooting Style Best

The options are generally between a more traditional 3-dot sight or a quick focus 1-dot sight.

There is no right or wrong to the shooting style you adopt or the tritium illumination color chosen. In both instances, it should really be what you feel most comfortable with.

To give a few color examples, orange dot sights tend to be slightly brighter than other colors. This should mean they are easier to see during daylight. Green and orange are also popular for low-light and night use. In general, green illumination will last longer than other colors. Having said that, all quality Glock aftermarket sights will give you long years of use regardless of the color chosen.

Power is Not a Concern – But…

It is tritium that makes the dots of this type of sight glow. Many people are unnecessarily concerned about tritium because it is a radioactive form of hydrogen. However, because such small amounts of tritium are used for illumination, there really is no cause for concern. To prove this fact, many tests have been carried out, and no radioactivity has been found. Please rest assured that these sights are perfectly safe to use.

Tritium-style sights do not need batteries. You will never have to worry about them being dead when needed or worry about turning them on. Draw your weapon, and the tritium illumination springs into life.

Of course, over years of use, this illumination will fade, but that is certainly not a short term concern. Choosing a quality manufacturer means you can expect between 8 and 16 years of use. That is a long time when compared against the initial investment.

Correct install is Key!

The majority of the best high-quality Glock 43 sights available offer fairly easy self-install. However, if in doubt, do not try to fudge installation by saving a few dollars. Gunsmiths are there for a reason, and the once-off cost for sight install is certainly not excessive. Whatever install route you take, the key is to get the most out of your chosen sight.

A correctly installed best Glock aftermarket sight assists with aim. It also ensures a bright, crisp dot view is yours every time you draw and aim at a target. An incorrectly installed tritium sight may not give you maximum illumination. This tends not to be a problem with the actual sight build, rather a wrongly installed sight.


As with all firearms accessories, cost is an important factor. The thing to remember here is to balance the initial upfront cost against longevity of use. Purchasing one of the best quality Glock 43 sights should in no way be looked at as a short-term purchase. As already mentioned, quality manufacturers guarantee their sights for between 8 and 16 years.

Work the initial purchase cost out against projected years of use, and this type of sight becomes a bargain. To ensure peace of mind, it is also wise to check the warranty period of any sight you are considering. If a manufacturer stands behind their product, then a healthy warranty will be included in purchase.

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So, Which of These Best Glock 43 Sights Should You Buy?

Upgrading your Glock 43 handgun from factory sights to a quality aftermarket sight is one of the few things that will improve performance. As can be seen from these reviews, model choice is not short on the ground.

All of these mentioned sights are well-built and designed to give you the advantage in any emergency situation. However, to pick one above the rest, it has to be the…

Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sights

This quality sight is CNC machined from top-notch steel and is based on the original Glock OEM design. You have a choice of yellow or the brighter orange front post illumination. Plus, self-install is certainly achievable, but if in doubt, take it to your local gun shop. This is because this excellent tritium sight will be on your handgun for a very long time.

Night Fision offers the brightest night sights in the world, with 30% more tritium included than major competitors. You can then add to that their industry best 16 year illumination guarantee!

Once the correct installation and practice sessions are complete, you are ready to go. That is because this best all-American-made Glock 43 sight will give you superior accuracy in all light conditions.

Happy and safe shooting.

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