Best Cheap Red Dot Sights Under $100 – Top 10 Brands in 2023

The continued rise in red dot sight popularity is good news for shooters. Competition between manufacturers means that decent quality models are available at very keen prices. This will be seen by comparing the 10 best red dot sights under $100 that I have reviewed.

Best Cheap Red Dot Sights Under $100

Shooters in need of rapid target acquisition at close quarters will find the answer in a good quality red dot. Their flexibility of use has to be seen as another benefit. This is because you can fit a dot sight to pistols, shotguns, bows, and rifles built on the very popular AR-15 platform.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive straight in with the…

Top 10 Best Cheap Red Dot Sights Under $100 in 2023

1 Bushnell AR Optics 1x25mm TRS-25 HiRise – 3 MOA Red Dot Sight – Most Popular Red Dot Sight Under $100

Bushnell has really hit the nail on the head with this red dot sight model.

How popular is it?

To be an Amazon #1 best seller in any category takes some doing. Bushnell have achieved this with their TRS-25 red dot sight, which is designed for the AR-platform. It comes with a supplied riser block that positions the scope at the optimum height for flat top ARs as well as tactical shotguns.

This tactical red dot sight comes in black with a matte finish. It is 2.4-inches in length, weighs 3.7 ounces, and has been built to be 100% water, fog, and shock-proof. Use in changing weather conditions and varying terrain is yours.

Crystal clear…

The fixed 1x magnification is complemented by a 25 mm objective lens and 22 mm diameter exit pupil. Quality, multi-coated lenses have amber-bright high contrast lens coating, which means crisp, clear target views.

Precision shot placement comes through the 3-MOA (Minute Of Angle) LED red dot reticle. It offers windage and elevation adjustments in click steps of 0.5-inches at 100 yards. Eye relief is unlimited, and this red dot is powered by an included CR2032 battery. On medium brightness settings, you can expect up to 3000 hours of use from a fully-charged battery.


The 11 brightness settings are self-regulated (but can be manually adjusted) based on the available light you are shooting in. This not only provides excellent illumination in any light condition but also conserves battery life. Another power-saving feature comes with the protective storage hood. Once it is attached, the unit powers down.

This tried, trusted and keenly priced model has to be one of the best red dot sights under a hundred dollars currently available.

Bushnell AR Optics 1x25mm TRS-25 HiRise
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Bushnell renowned quality.
  • Ideal fit for the AR-15 platform.
  • Solid build – use in all weather conditions.
  • Crisp, clear image viewing.
  • 11 brightness settings.


  • None.

2 DD DAGGER DEFENSE – DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight, Scope Optic Substitute for Holographic Red Dot Sights – Most Versatile Red Dot Sight Under $100

DD Dagger Defense is a veteran-owned company, and this is a red dot reflex sight with a difference.

Reticle and dot color choice…

Made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, this sight is 3.23-inches in length and weighs 10.62 ounces. The 1x magnification and 33 mm aperture means QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) is yours.

It has an ergonomic design and will fit neatly onto Picatinny rails while leaving enough space to attach other accessories. Easy install is achieved with the two Allen screws and included wrench. It also comes with a locking set screw that allows stable elevation and windage sighting adjustments.

If you find that zero is not holding, then you can use the included smaller hex wrench for zero lock. However, doing so should be done with care because over tightening the free-floating screw could damage the unit. Just one or two clockwise turns will be sufficient.

Great choice of reticles…

Shooters have a choice of using the red or green dot setting depending upon the environment they are operating in. There is also no shortage of reticle choice; this unit offers four reticle patterns to suit your needs. As for FOV (Field Of View), this comes in at 15.8 meters at 100 meters.

The included rotary knob has three functions. It is used to select reticle color (red or green), has a fade adjustment that allows for brightness setting, and it serves as the battery compartment. This is where the included CR2032 battery sits. To complete this very cost-effective package, a lens cleaning cloth and instruction manual are included.

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Veteran-owned company.
  • Solid durable build.
  • Red and Green dot choice.
  • Four reticle options.
  • Adjustable windage and elevation.
  • Another good AR-platform option.
  • Very responsive customer service.
  • Keen price for what is offered.


  • None at this price.

3 Mueller Optical – Quick Shot Waterproof Red Dot Scope – 2 color choices – Clearest Red Dot Sight Under $100

Price-wise this model from Mueller Optical just makes it into the best red dot sights under $100. Having said that, value for what is offered is a given.

Use in all conditions is yours….

Mueller has constructed this red dot with performance in mind. It has a length of 3.25-inches and weighs only 4 ounces. The fact it is waterproof, fog-proof, and acceptably shockproof means use in any terrain and weather conditions is yours.

This reflex style scope comes with a well thought out tubeless design using a single lens. Add to this the two built-in reticle brightness sensors that automatically detect the light conditions you are operating in. The result is a consistently crisp, clear sight picture. As for reticle choice, there are four options available to help shooters find the aiming point that best suits their style.

Fully aware…

The 1x fixed magnification and 33 mm objective lens make this parallax-free optic easy to use. Unlimited eye relief and a wide linear FOV (Field Of View) of 15.7 meters at 100 meters ensures full situational awareness.

Windage and elevation adjustments are made using the included Allen head screw. These adjustments come in 1 MOA (Minute Of Angle) click steps which are 1-inch at 100 yards.

Brighten up your day…

Powered by an included CR2032 battery, the design lends itself to low power consumption. Users have a choice of ten brightness settings. These can be changed manually or positioned on the mentioned automatic selector to change brightness as your light conditions change.

To complete the package, there is an integrated rail for ease of mounting and rubber lens covers for glass protection.


  • Robust use is a given.
  • Lightweight.
  • Four reticle options.
  • Parallax-free.
  • Ten power settings – automatic or manual.
  • Ease of install.


  • Use with harsh recoil weapons can be an issue.

4 Firefield Agility – 1x30mm Red Dot Sight – Model No: FF26008 – Best Value for the Money Red Dot Sight Under $100

Those shooters looking for value from a red dot sight are in the right place.

Fits a variety of weapons…

The Agility certainly offers options when it comes to applicable weapon fit. It can be used with AR-15 platform weapons, bolt-action rifles, shotguns, and some large-size handguns, making it one of the most versatile red dot sights under 100 dollars that you can buy. Built using aluminum, you will find it acceptably robust when out in the field. Recoil should not be an issue either, as this optic has been tested to withstand 1000 Gs.

It is a very well-priced dot sight that has measurements of 4.92 x 2.63 x 2.59-inches, and while not the lightest model out there, it is still manageable at 8.4 ounces. Designed to be shockproof, it is also sealed for fog proofing and rated as being IPX6 waterproof. This means that whatever the weather or terrain you operate in this scope should be up to performing.

Plenty of reticle options…

Along with the fixed 1x magnification, you get a 30 mm objective lens and can alternate between red or green reticle illumination. Reticle choice is also yours, thanks to the four included options. These are 5 MOA (Minute Of Angle), Circle Dot, Crosshair & Circle Dot, or the simplistic Crosshair. Those shooters looking for QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) and the ability to fire off accurate shots will not be disappointed.

As for power, this comes through the included CR2032 lithium battery, and there are five power level settings. However, battery life is not so good, and from a full charge, you will get between 150 and 220 hours of use. However, the low price of this model means that you will have plenty of change from a $100 budget to buy lots of extra batteries!

Unlimited eye relief is a given, and this sight is parallax-corrected through a 20 yard parallax setting. FOV (Field Of View) is 40 ft at 100 yards, while elevation and windage adjustment comes in at 120 MOA.


  • Well constructed design.
  • Red and Green illumination.
  • Four reticle choices.
  • Low price = Good value.


  • Battery life.

5 AT3 Tactical – RD-50 Compact Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight-2 MOA – Best Premium Red Dot Sight Under $100

Compact quality comes with this RD-50 micro reflex red dot sight from AT3 Tactical.

2 MOA Red Dot – 11 Brightness Settings….

This RD-50 red dot model that I reviewed is the cheapest option currently available from the company and comes with a low mount and, therefore, no riser. Those shooters who want a .83-inch or 1-inch riser version can do so for just $10 more by checking out the AT3 Tactical RD 50 Pro.

This compact tactical reflex red dot sight is made from tough-wearing, long-lasting 6061 aluminum and is finished in black. It has 1x fixed magnification and a 23 mm objective lens and measures 2.4-inches in length, and weighs just 3.6 ounces.

A crisp 2 MOA (Minute Of Angle) red dot is complemented by scratch-resistant multi-coated amber lenses. This combination provides clarity of image, accuracy, and the ability to shoot with both eyes open.

Superb specs for under a hundred dollars…

The parallax-free design ensures that the red dot stays on target regardless of eye position. As for visibility, this quality micro reflex red dot optic comes with 11 brightness settings. This means clarity of view in any ambient light conditions you find yourself in. It can also be used in all weather conditions due to its shockproof, waterproof (IPX67 rated), and fog-proof abilities.

Battery life will be the least of your problems. The RD-50 comes with a genuine Renata CR2032 Lithium battery giving 50,000 hours of life (based on lowest power setting use). Also included are a rubber bikini cover, lens cloth, and Allen wrench. While all of the above is good news, even better is in store, this comes from AT3 Tactical’s Lifetime warranty.

AT3 Tactical - RD-50 Compact Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight-2 MOA
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Built to last a long time.
  • Three model options.
  • Use in any lighting or weather conditions.
  • Quality 2 MOA reticle.
  • Clarity of view.
  • Up to 50,000 hours of battery life.
  • 11 power settings.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • None.

6 MidTen 2 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight 1x25mm Reflex Sight – Mini Rifle Scope with 1-inch Riser Mount – Best Budget Red Dot Sight Under $100

This is the second cheapest model in my review of the best red dot sights under $100. It comes in $1 less than the lowest option, which I will be reviewing next!

On a very tight budget, but want to test the red dot waters?

This MidTen micro red dot scope caters to two categories of shooters. Those on a really tight budget and anyone who wants to see if a red dot is for them. The next Truplex dot sight that I reviewed also fits into these categories.

Made from aluminum and weighing in at 4.16 ounces, this dot sight is more than acceptably durable for the price. It has been designed to be shockproof, waterproof and O-ring sealed to prevent fogging. The 1x magnification and 25 mm objective lens couple with a 2 MOA (Minute Of Angle) reticle for accurate, both-eyes-open shooting.

Increased light transmission…

The expected unlimited eye relief also ensures QTA (Quick Target Acquisition). Shooting in changing light conditions is yours, thanks to the multi-coated, scratch-resistant lenses. They work to increase light transmission and enhance image clarity during those all-important low-light situations.

Shooters will be surprised to know that there are 11 available brightness settings. This means adjustments can be made regardless of the light conditions you are out shooting in. Another plus has to come from the fact that two height mount options are available. They come in the form of either a Low or Lower 1/3 Co-Witness choice, which means use on any weapon platform should be achievable.

MidTen 2 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight 1x25mm Reflex Sight
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • 2 MOA reticle = precision shot placement.
  • 11 brightness settings.
  • Two height mounting options.
  • Solid choice for those testing red dots.
  • Very low price for what is on offer.


  • One reticle pattern/color.
  • Only a one year warranty.

7 Leapers UTG 3.8in ITA Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral Mount – Model No: SCP-RD40RGW-A – Best Super Low Cost Red Dot Sight Under $100

The Leapers UTG family of dot sights is well-received by shooters who want acceptable quality for a low price. The company offers a wide variety of keenly priced optics, and here’s what the 3.8-inch ITA model offers…

Quality at a hard to beat price…

This dot offers a lot for the very low price it comes in at. Shooters into CQB (Close Quarter Battle) situations will appreciate the 4 MOA (Minute Of Angle) dot.

This allows for rapid target acquisition and for shots to be fired off with speed and accuracy. Equipped with both a red and a green dot, you have five selectable brightness level settings for each color. That means clarity of target image in changing light conditions.

Excellent situational awareness…

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it is built to withstand reasonable wear and tear. The 1x fixed magnification and 38 mm main tube are complemented by a 30 mm lens which has emerald-coating. This affords a large FOV (Field Of View) and the ability to shoot with both eyes open.

The result is that users will be very aware of their targets and surroundings. As for windage and elevation adjustability, this comes via coin-adjustable knobs in 1/2-inch MOA click steps.

Versatile mounting…

Ease of mounting comes via the integral QD (Quick Detach) Picatinny rail mount. This can be securely attached to flat-top or railed forends without scope rings. It also comes with decent-quality flip-up lens covers for added protection during carriage and storage.

Powered by a 3V CR2032 battery, it is 3.8-inches in length and will add 9.4 ounces to your weapon. FOV at 100 yards is 95 ft, and the exit pupil is 22 mm.

For the features vs. price offered, it is clear why so many shooters have taken to this best cheap red dot sight.


  • Well-received UTG dot model.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Good for close-quarter shooting.
  • Red and Green Dot with five brightness settings for each.
  • Integrated Picatinny mounting deck.
  • Excellent price.


  • Heavy for a dot scope.
  • Its ability to hold zero is not the best.
  • Not bright enough in strong sunlight.

8 TRUGLO – 30mm Dual Color – Red/Green Dot Sight – Best Both Eyes Open Red Dot Sight Under $100

Truglo is another provider of decent quality red dot sights at prices to please.

5 MOA means QTA!

Designed to be waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-resistant up to .50 caliber, it offers reliable use on almost any firearm platform. The sturdy construction also means use in testing conditions is yours.

The 1x magnification and 30 mm objective lens couple with a 5 MOA (Minute Of Angle) red and green selectable reticle. It has a rheostat with 11 brightness power settings and easily adjusts for the light conditions you are shooting in.

This dual color dot sight has a length of 3.82-inches and weighs in at 9 ounces. It also comes with an anti-reflective coating placed on the optic’s target side to give crisp image views. Thanks to the 24x34mm window, QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) at close quarters while shooting with both eyes open is a given.

Impressive specs for the price…

It is powered by an included 3V-CR2032 battery and is also fingertip adjustable for windage and elevation. Click step values come in at 1 MOA (1-inch at 100 yards), and the device is parallax-free from 30 yards.

Lens flip covers are included, while solid mounting is made easy through the integrated Weaver-style mounting system.

TRUGLO - 30mm Dual Color - Red/Green Dot Sight
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Long-proven Truplex design.
  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shock-resistant.
  • 5 MOA red/green dot reticle.
  • 95% light transmission.
  • Solid mounting system.
  • Good for most weapon platforms and crossbows.
  • Another well-priced option.


  • Heavy in the sub $100 Red Dot category.
  • Lens covers are not the best.

9 TRYBE Optics 1x 3 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight with QD Riser – Model: TRORD3MOA – Brightest Red Dot Sight Under $100

This TRYBE Optics micro red dot sight does move up the price ladder but is still within the $100 budget. However, value must be seen in the features offered.

3 MOA Dot with 11 brightness settings…

Close-Quarter shooting in all light conditions comes from the 3 MOA (Minute Of Angle) illuminated dot reticle. The quality of the dot and glass used couples well with the 11 available brightness settings. Therefore, the ease of matching the reticle to the ambient light conditions you are shooting in is very easy.

This ultra-bright red dot sight allows for QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) and crisp, clear image views. Windage and elevation adjustments come in 0.5 MOA click steps.

Ready for the hunt in any conditions…

Shooters can be assured of robust use in all weather conditions and varying terrains. This optic comes with an IP67 waterproof rating along with fog proof and shockproof abilities. The included CR2032 battery provides power, and when used on medium brightness settings, it will give up to 1000 hours of life.

Another very convenient feature comes from the good quality QD (Quick Detach) riser, which means ease of attach/detach is yours. Also included in the purchase are bikini covers to protect the quality coated lenses.


  • Rugged construction/IP67 waterproof rating.
  • Very sharp 3 MOA Dot.
  • 11 brightness settings.
  • Good image view
  • QD Riser included.
  • Decent price for what is offered.


  • QD mount is not the sturdiest.

10 Tacticon Armament – Predator V1 Adjustable Red and Green Dot Absolute Co Witness Optic – Easiest to Install Red Dot Sight Under $100

To finish my review of the best red dot sights under $100, let’s take a look at the Predator V1 model. This comes from the veteran-owned Tacticon Armament company.

Ease of sighting in/Holds zero!

Made from durable aluminum, this sight is waterproof and fog proof. It comes with a 3 MOA (Minute Of Angle) reticle and weighs in at a noticeable 9.58 ounces. The parallax-free design means ease of sighting-in, and it has been designed to consistently hold zero. Windage and elevation adjustments are also made easy.

Users can toggle between the red and green dots that both offer five brightness settings each. As for the glare-resistant glass lenses, this will ensure crisp image views in whatever lighting conditions you are shooting in. It has also been engineered to ensure co-witness with iron sights. Flexibility of rifle compatibility is seen through the elevated cantilever (aluminum) Picatinny rail mount.

Power comes from the included lithium-ion battery, and there is even a spare battery with purchase. Buyers will also get rubber lens caps and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. To finish things off, Tacticon Armament also offers a no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee with their Lifetime Warranty (but do check the T&Cs).

Tacticon Armament - Predator V1 Adjustable Red and Green Dot Absolute Co Witness Optic
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Robust build.
  • Designed to hold zero.
  • Good clarity of target view.
  • Ease of install and use.
  • Well-priced for what is on offer.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not the easiest to mount.
  • Lens covers aren’t the best (Not a purchase stopper).

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So, which of these Best Red Dot Sights Under $100 should You Buy?

As can be seen from these 10 best low-cost red dot sights, shooters have an excellent choice. All are of decent quality and functionality, but the recommendation has to be the…

AT3 Tactical – RD-50 Compact Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight-2 MOA

It comes with a choice of three riser mount options, all of which are well within the budget target. Plus, this tactical reflex red dot sight is built to last, withstanding use in testing weather conditions and tough terrain. Clarity of view in all light conditions comes from the crisp 2 MOA red dot, the multi-coated, scratch-resistant lenses, and 11 available brightness settings.

With a length of 2.4-inches and weighing in at just 3.6 ounces, it will hardly be noticed until you need it! As for the parallax-free design, this means you will stay on target regardless of where your eye is positioned.

Quality it certainly is, but the purchase clincher comes through AT3 Tactical’s Lifetime Warranty, making it a fantastic choice for an affordable red dot sight.

As always, safe and happy shooting.

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